Vape Carts

Are you looking for THC carts in DC? You can get cannabis legally in Washington, DC thanks to the DC weed law: I-71 law. Cannabis can't be sold directly to you, but you can buy something at the store, and they will gift you the cannabis you choose. According to I-71, gifting weed is perfectly legal. 

A DC dispensary like Dreams Wellness can serve the District’s cannabis consumers with high-quality THC and CBD gifts. If you are new to DC or cannabis and are interested in THC carts, then you can check out Dreams Wellness for some of the highest-quality vape carts DC offers.

Where To Get Vape Carts DC

Dreams Wellness is a DC head shop that offers high-quality THC gifts when you purchase digital art prints. It is located at 1829 M Street in the Dupont area and has some of the best recreational weed DC has to offer. 

You won't be able to get any of their award-winning strains anywhere else. They have the best designer strains, and all of their cannabis is cultivated and harvested organically. No artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used in the bud's cultivation process. Without the use of pesticides or synthetic solvents, cannabis farmed organically is not only more pleasant to the senses but also safer to smoke.

Besides offering some of the best weed carts, they also gift designer flower, high-quality edibles, THC disposables, and dabs. Dreams Wellness in Washington, DC provides first-rate THC carts at reasonable prices.

You also don't need a medical card or a DC ID. All you need is a government-issued ID card showing you're 21 or older. 

Let's look at some of the top THC carts DC's Dreams Wellness weed dispensary has to offer.

Best THC Vape Carts in DC

Doja x Friendly Farms

doja live resin weed vape cart

One of the best weed vapes you can get at Dreams Wellness is the Permanent Marker by Doja x Friendly Farms. Because the permanent marker is free of filters and additives, it is truly natural and full spectrum. It has a taste and aroma that is both candy-like and soapy. As a hybrid, it's a fantastic daytime strain, especially if you want to get into a creative project. 

Burst Live Resin Apple Gelato

Burst Live Resin makes disposably rechargeable carts in different flavors. They have Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Burst Live Resin Apple Gelato is a Sativa dominant strain, and it provides an excellent mood boost to help you tackle your day. 

Elite Meds Blueberry Kush

Another good choice is Elite Meds Blueberry Kush. The CO2-extracted oil in this cart is mixed with organic terpenes to make THC oil. This unique method creates a feeling similar to that when you smoke bud. Blueberry Kush is a perfect evening strain to enjoy after a long day. 


If you are looking for a good CBD-dominant cart to reduce your anxiety, the Harlequin vape is a distillate with no additives. It is CBD dominant with low THC levels, so if you are prone to anxiety, this strain may be a good choice for you.

Elite Meds Tropicana Cookies 

Dreams Wellness offers another Elite Meds cart called Tropicana Cookies. It is also a THC oil made from CO2-extracted THC and terpenes, but this one is an Indica and Sativa hybrid. The flavor consists of citrus notes and a cookie dough blend to make you happy and ready to socialize. 

Choosing a Vape Cartridge in DC

When choosing a vape cartridge, you have several choices. You can get carts that are filled with crumble concentrates, THC batter, or oil. No matter which type you pick, consider the following when choosing your DC carts.

  • Quality and compatibility: First, you'll want to check the oil's quality and ensure the cart is compatible with your battery if you already have a pen. Check to see if it's lab-tested, which confirms the THC amount and that it has no heavy metals.
  • Indica or Sativa strains: The strain is important because you'll want a product that does what you want. For example, if you want a product to help you wind down, you'll want to avoid a vape cart made primarily with Sativa, as a Sativa dominant strain boosts energy like a fresh cup of coffee. Instead, if you want to relax, you'll want an Indica-dominant strain cart.
  • Trial and Error: You may have to try different types of DC dabs before you find what works best. Often, dispensaries list what strain and feel you can expect from a product, but this isn't always the case. So be sure to do your research. Also, because everyone's body chemistry is different, what works for one person might not work for you.
  • Live resin or distillate: You'll also want to determine if you want a live resin or distillate. The main difference is how your concentrates are prepared, whether with a solvent or a more natural approach. The buzz tends to differ depending on how the product was extracted, too. 

Let's look at a couple of the significant THC carts you can find at a cart dispensary to help you decide which vape cart is right for you.  

Live Resin Vape Carts

Live resin is a form of marijuana concentrate that is flash-frozen as soon as it is harvested. This process gives the end result its own unique profile and potency. 

Traditional extraction methods may reduce the flavorful taste and smell of cannabis. Instead, as soon as the plant is harvested and frozen, it's kept at freezing temperatures during extraction. The method allows the plant to retain its terpene profile. 

As a result, live resin carts produce a much more flavorful and psychoactive (or entourage) effect that you don't get with other concentrates. 

Distillate Vape Carts

distillate vape carts

The distillate is a highly refined and almost isolated THC oil where the oils are extracted through a CO2 process. Distillate is a pure form of THC with the removal of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and plant matter. All impurities are removed through a process known as fractional distillation.

Often, distillates can have strain-specific terpenes added later to elevate the overall experience. Distillates are usually a yellow-golden color and runnier than other concentrates, and they can be used as a base for edibles thanks to their potency.

Benefits of DC Vape Carts

There are many benefits to smoking vape cartridges.

One significant benefit to THC carts is potency. Vaping THC has one of the highest levels of bioavailability, which means it is absorbed into your bloodstream more; when you compare vaping to other methods of ingestion, vaping packs a more potent hit. 

Discretion is some people's favorite benefit of using weed vapes. If you want to keep the use of cannabis private, then THC carts are for you. They produce almost no smell, so you won't walk into a room reeking of skunk. It is also a convenient and portable way to consume marijuana. 

If you don't want to travel with weed, you can put a vape cart and a pen in your backpack, purse, or car. So even if you are taking a long trip across the states, you won't have to carry around jars, lighters, grinders, or any other accessories you may have. Instead, all you have to do is throw the vape pen into your pocket, and off you go.

Vape carts are also one of the easiest methods to consume cannabis. You just inhale and exhale. Done. For those suffering from chronic pain who need relief often, it is good to carry around and inhale when needed. Plus, it is easy to use a vape pen and get the most bang for your buck. 

How To Use a Vape Cart

A THC cart is made of glass and contains cannabis oil. The parts of a vape cart include:

  • Atomizer
  • Tank
  • Mouthpiece
  • Battery 

Learning how to use a THC vape cart is pretty straightforward. First, you securely attach a vape cart to a battery pen that will power up the atomizer inside the cartridge. The pen usually lights up to let you know it's on. Then the heating coil will warm up the oil to make a vapor you can inhale directly from the mouthpiece on the cartridge.

Most have a 510 thread and must be used with a 510-threaded pen. The good thing about these 510 battery pens is that they are activated as soon as you inhale, making them easy to use. Also, unlike the other button-activated vape pens, the disposable is single-use and thrown away once you're out of oil. 

Basically, you inhale through the mouthpiece, exhale vapor, and repeat as often as needed. Easy stuff. 

Vape Cart Specials

If you are looking for THC carts in DC, Dreams Wellness has the best top-shelf carts, including options for both live resin or distillate. The Kitchen Sink live resin by Burst is a popular option — an Indica hybrid with a reasonably high THC percentage. This cart is best if you have a higher tolerance because you will be relaxed and maybe even pain-free after vaping it. 

You can visit Dreams Wellness in Washington, DC in person or go online and choose your art and gifts to pick up in-store. Happy vaping!