Pre Rolls DC

If you live in Washington, DC, or are visiting the area, you've probably researched where you can get pre-rolls and other cannabis products. While DC dispensaries aren't currently allowed to sell weed, the gifting system has made it easy for consumers to find the cannabis goods they want. 

This article will help you understand the process of buying weed pre-rolls in DC, the types of pre-rolls on the market today, and the best brands of pre-rolls you can find in DC. 

Buying Pre-Rolls in DC

If you come from a state where weed is legal, buying DC weed may initially seem a little complicated. However, once you familiarize yourself with the process, you'll find that getting pre-rolls and any other cannabis product from DC dispensaries is straightforward and fun. 

Washington, DC passed Initiative-71 (I-71) in 2015, which made it legal for dispensaries to offer cannabis products as gifts when customers purchased merchandise such as art pieces, t-shirts, and more. This means that, while buying pre-rolls isn't legal in DC, you can be gifted and legally possess marijuana. 

As a result, the language you'll need to use at dispensaries in DC differs from other areas of the country. For example, rather than asking to purchase pre-rolls, you'll need to request a pre-roll as a gift when you buy something the dispensary has for sale. 

While getting recreational cannabis in DC is easier than ever, only individuals over the age of 21 with valid photo IDs can legally receive, possess, and consume these products. You do not need a medical marijuana card to get weed from dispensaries in DC. 

Where To Buy Pre-Rolls in DC?

Finding the right Washington, DC dispensary can be challenging, but if you're looking for the best DC pre-rolls and other premium cannabis products, you'll want to visit Dreams Wellness. 

Dreams Wellness strives to provide the cannabis community with a friendly and professional dispensary where you can find all your preferred weed products. Not only do they have the best pre-rolls in town, but they also offer flower, edibles, concentrates, and more

Types of Pre-Rolls in DC

types of pre rolls

If you're interested in getting pre-rolls, Dreams Wellness has a wide selection of joints in varying sizes, strains, and infusions. The knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect pre-roll based on your budget and the high you're looking for. 

The following types of pre-rolls are currently available at Dreams Wellness in DC.

Hash Pre-Rolls

Hash pre-rolls are infused joints that combine cannabis flour with hash. Hash concentrate, also known as hashish, provides users with an intensified high due to the elevated THC levels

Hash is formed when the resin is removed from the plant, collected, and compressed until it forms a solid ball or brick. Dreams Wellness currently carries Hash Hole hash rosin-infused joints.

Moon Rock Pre-Rolls

Moon rock pre-rolls are favorites amongst cannabis connoisseurs for their high THC levels. Moon rock pre-rolls are made with moon rocks, which are weed nuggets covered with hash oil or another concentrate, then rolled in a kief coating. 

The Moon Rock pre-rolls available at Dreams Wellness all have a THC content between 60-65%. 

Live Resin Pre-Rolls

Live resin pre-rolls differ from other infused pre-rolls because they are made with fresh cannabis flower. While most weed is made from dried and cured flower, live resin pre-rolls contain resin concentrate harvested before this stage, leaving a complete terpene profile.

Cannabis products made with live resin often have a higher price tag due to their superior quality. Dreams Wellness carries Oakland Street Heat By Backpack Boyz live resin pre-rolls. 

Flower Pre-Rolls

Flower pre-rolls are not infused with anything and are made from grinding and rolling marijuana flower. Therefore, the cost and associated high of flower pre-rolls vary widely based on the quality and strain of the flower used. 

Dreams Wellness carries a wide selection of High Roller flower pre-rolls.

Best Pre-Roll Brands DC

Narrowing your pre-roll choices down can be challenging, especially if you're new to getting weed from a dispensary. Consider some of the following pre-roll brands sold at Dreams Wellness, which offer products suitable for first-time weed smokers as well as life-long connoisseurs. 

Backpack Boyz

Dreams Wellness caries the Backpack Boyz Blue Gotti, a pre-roll with a glass tip that's a favorite infused joint option amongst experienced smokers. This pre-roll is ideal for individuals looking for a high-end infused joint and infuses .3 grams of Blue Gotti Sugar concentrate with 1.3 grams of Blue Gotti indoor flower. 

Hash Hole

The Hash Hole-infused joints are the most expensive and high-end joints offered at Dreams Wellness and are strongly recommended for advanced weed smokers, as beginners may feel "too high" due to their lower tolerance. 

These pre-rolls feature 1.5 grams of boutique designer flower surrounding a hash core. As you smoke a Hash Hole, the concentrate in the middle of the joint heats and melts into the flower around it, providing a unique and powerful high. 

Dreams Wellness currently carries the following Hash Hole pre-rolls:

  • OZK x LA Kush Cake 55 Trilogy 710 x Burning Rope Pharms
  • Cherry Rope X Cowboy Cookie Trilogy 710 x Burning Rope Pharms
  • Lucky 7's x SB Tropicana Trilogy 710 x Burning Rope Pharms
  • Rope Fuel x Pie Hoe Trilogy 710 x Burning Rope Pharms

The Real Kurupt's MoonRock

The Real Kurupt's MoonRock Henny Honey pre-rolls are some of the finest pre-rolls available in the DC market and are made with kief-coated infused flowers, resulting in 60-65% THC joints. 

The current MoonRock pre-rolls available at Dreams Wellness are:

  • Green Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Peanut Butter Breath
  • Mendo Breath
  • Mac-1

High Roller

High Roller is the standard 1.5-gram flower pre-roll available from Dreams Wellness and comes in a large selection of strains. Some of the current High Roller offerings include:

  • Kush Mints
  • Italian Ice
  • Tropicana Cherry Pie
  • White Truffle
  • Banana Cream Jealousy

Cost of DC Pre Rolls

So how much are pre-rolls in DC? The cost of pre-rolls varies widely depending on the strain and type of joint you want to get. At Dreams Wellness, our pre-rolls range from $20 for a standard 1.5-gram flower pre-roll to $80 for a premium Hash Hole-infused joint.