HighWalker OG | 1G Rechargeable Disposable Vape | Indica | High 90’s

By High 90’s


Strain & Effects


Introducing High 90s' full gram rechargeable disposable vape in the High Walker OG flavor—an indica vape experience that captures the robust essence of earthy pine and citrus undertones. Crafted for convenience and superior quality, this vape offers a relaxing and indulgent cannabis experience. **Product Description:**High 90s proudly presents their full gram rechargeable disposable vape, featuring the distinctive High Walker OG flavor—an indica blend that embodies the deep, earthy notes of pine and hints of citrus. Designed for ease of use and exceptional quality, this vape delivers a soothing and satisfying draw every time. **Key Features:**- **High Walker OG Flavor:** Savor the rich, earthy pine taste complemented by subtle citrus undertones in this remarkable indica vape.- **Full Gram Capacity:** Offering generous vape content for prolonged enjoyment.- **Rechargeable Design:** Fitted with a rechargeable battery to ensure long-lasting performance.- **User-Friendly:** Designed for simplicity, making it perfect for both novices and seasoned users. Experience the complex and soothing flavors of High Walker OG with High 90s' rechargeable disposable vape. Enjoy the rich, earthy pine and citrus blend, carefully crafted to enhance your cannabis experience. With High 90s' commitment to excellence, indulge in the deep, relaxing vibes of High Walker OG with every calming inhale.

I-71 Compliant

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