Best Cannabis Flower in DC

best cannabis flower in dc

If you’re visiting Washington DC for a few days, you’ll definitely want to know where you can find the best weed in DC. With a thriving community, frequent weed events, and several weed delivery services, there’s definitely something for everyone in the nation’s capital.

One of the most common questions is how legal weed is in Virginia or Maryland, DC. Strictly speaking, anyone can partake in recreational and medical marijuana in the DC area. But since the commercial sale of recreational weed isn’t technically legal yet, DC dispensaries have created a gifting system that can get you all the edibles or pre-rolls your heart desires.

When checking out any DC dispensary, you’ll have to purchase a piece of art or paraphernalia and receive the cannabis product as a gift. As long as you have a government ID verifying your age, you’ll have no trouble exploring local weed shops.

The DC area is full of recreational marijuana dispensaries, but with the inevitable saturation in the market, it’s hard to tell which one is worth visiting. With a budtender in every corner, it can be overwhelming to buy weed in DC.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered! In this quick guide, we’re sharing everything we know about the best weed in DC and where to find it.

Cannabis Flower DC 

If you’re looking to enjoy the blissful highs of recreational marijuana, look no further. Dreams Wellness offers just about anything you could ever need at a DC smoke shop. Score some high-quality cannabis flower, concentrate, pre-rolls, vaporizers, and CBD goodies for the ultimate DC trip. With both in-store shopping and curbside pickups, finding the best weed in DC has never been easier!

Designer Collabs Cannabis Flower 

Dreams Wellness carries a number of designer collab flowers, such as the Bubblegum Popperz. From the masterminds of Hi-Tech, Fear of Boof, and Super Dope, this strain comes with an amazing taste profile. This mind-blowing strain has quickly become a crowd favorite among Dreams Wellness customers.

The Original Z is also a premium designer collab with Doja Exclusive. This first-rate flower comes with an irresistible aroma that’s a treat to the senses. With a taste profile similar to Melted Rainbow Sherbet and Grapefruit, this is a strain you definitely don’t want to miss.

Signature Cannabis Flower

signature cannabis flower dc

Our brand prides itself in only producing high-quality cannabis with delectable terpenes and a high to die for. That being said, you’ll definitely be coming back for more of our signature cannabis strains, such as the Purple Octane and Sprinkles strain.

These strains come from premium growers with more than 20% THC, making it a real trip that’ll make you extremely giddy and euphoric.

Middle Tier Cannabis Flower 

These middle-tier strains are easier on the wallet and still provide a top-notch experience. One of our favorite strains is the Sherb Cake, which is a hybrid strain that is mostly indica. With a delightfully sweet aroma and fruity aftertaste, this flower is a must-try for both beginners and seasoned smokers. 

If you’re looking for a strain with more of a sativa vibe, then the hybrid Dolato strain would be just perfect for you. With its beautifully colored exterior and almost sugary trichomes, the Dolato is known for giving users a sweet and deep mind relaxation without completely knocking you out.

Organic Cannabis Flower

With 3.5g of flower, the Sour Durban sativa strain is one of the best organic strains on the market right now. This I-71 Compliant cannabis product is an amazing introduction to DC cannabis. The earthy scents are a tribute to the overall relaxing and satisfying high that comes with the South Durban.

How to Enjoy and Smoke Cannabis Flower

how to enjoy and smoke cannabis flower

After picking out your strain of choice, you can now finally enjoy your DC cannabis! For the uninitiated, you can smoke cannabis with a number of methods and tools, such as pipes, joints, or bongs. 

If you’re looking for a small and portable way to enjoy your weed on the go, then you might want to try out a silicon or glass pipe. This popular tool is a great way to start your introduction to smoking cannabis. After carefully grinding your flower, simply place some flower into the bowl and light it up. Take deep inhales from the pipe and let the pleasurable sensations take over your body.

Another great way to enjoy flower is by rolling a joint. For this, you’ll need to find yourself some rolling paper and water. Simply take some of your ground flower and create a line of flower along the edge of the paper. After rolling the joint, dip your finger in some water to wet the adhesive strip and seal the joint. This might take a few tries to perfect, but every seasoned smoker eventually gets this down pat. 

Most tend to wonder how lighting up the organic cannabis creates such euphoric feelings. Scientifically, the chemical compounds in the flower is converted into THC whenever it is exposed to high degrees of heat. While some THC is lost in the burning process, there is usually just enough left in the flower to get you feeling as high as a kite!

If you’re itching for something new to try, hotboxing is also an adventurous way to get the most out of your high. Invite a friend or two into an enclosed area such as a bathroom or tent and cover up any openings that could let the smoke escape. Light up your bong or joint of choice and simply let the smoke accumulate to create an extremely satisfying hotbox experience!


Can you buy medical flower in DC? 

Yes, you can easily find readily available medical cannabis in the nation’s capital. Most DC dispensaries are guaranteed to sell them in all forms, such as vapes, gelatos, gummies, pre-rolls, and edibles. All you need is to bring a valid medical marijuana card in order to enter a cannabis dispensary. If it’s your first time visiting dispensaries in Adams Morgan, Maryland, or Virginia, then you have nothing to worry about. Most dispensaries will ensure that walk-ins are well taken care of and assisted during their first visit. If your medical condition requires a certain kind of strain or dosage, then it shouldn’t be a problem when shopping around DC.

Does flower get you higher? 

Flower produces a different effect compared to gummies or concentrates. Due to the natural terpenes and flavonoids found in the flower, you can expect to feel the much-desired entourage effect. This is a phenomenon where you can feel the full spectrum of cannabis creating therapeutic and positive sensations throughout your body.

How long does cannabis flower last?

It depends on a lot of factors. First, it depends on the quality of your flower. With good quality weed that has been harvested and dried properly, it’s guaranteed to remain potent for six months to a year. It also depends on how you’re storing your valuables. Most experts would recommend keeping your stash in airtight containers that are kept away from direct sunlight or heat. 

After about a year, you can still smoke your flower, but you’ll find that the potency will have dropped significantly. That being said, it’s best to keep your stocks fresh and readily available. 

How old do you need to be to buy flower in DC?

You need to be 21 or older to buy flower in the DC area. Whether or not you’re a DC resident, you will be asked to show a valid form of identification. That being said, make sure to check your pockets before heading to a DC dispensary!

What is the ideal dose of cannabis flower?

The ideal dose of cannabis flower depends on your level of experience, your age, and the particular weed strain you have. 

For first-timers or less experienced smokers, you’ll certainly want to start off slow. Go for cannabis with less than 10% THC as it produces a mild yet intoxicating effect. As you experiment with more strains and doses, you can kick it up a notch and find the perfect dose for you.

Moreover, age is also a significant factor. Younger smokers are more likely to manage higher doses than older smokers. Alternatively, it can be great news for older smokers who don’t need a high dose to feel particularly relaxed and euphoric.