Why Dreams Wellness Is The Best Smoke Shop in DC

Obtaining cannabis in Washington DC is easy and lawful due to The District’s “gifting” market. For those new to DC or its cannabis community, “gifting” is used to obtain cannabis from local head shops.

Obtaining cannabis in Washington DC is easy and lawful due to The District’s “gifting” market. For those new to DC or its cannabis community, “gifting” is used to obtain cannabis from local head shops. As documented in i-71, cannabis can not be purchased or sold but gifted from one to another. This rule allows weed shops, like Dreams Wellness, to serve the cannabis community with a large selection of THC and CBD gift items. 

If you are a resident of Washington DC or just passing through for a visit, Dreams Wellness is a must-visit for all cannabis lovers. Shop online for in-person pick-up or drop by to shop with our ultra experienced staff. With a wide variety of marijuana products, helpful staff members, and an easy gifting process, shopping for weed at Dreams Wellness is…well, a dream! 

In DC? Dreams Wellness Head Shop Has You Covered

Dreams Wellness is a local Dupont, DC Dispensary offering a colorful selection of THC and CBD cannabis products. Walk in, buy a rad piece of art, and walk out with gifted ganja goodies. 

Shop with Dreams Wellness for the best bud, the finest concentrates, and tasty, potent edibles. To better understand what cannabis gifts Dreams Wellness offers, continue reading below. 

Premium Cannabis Flower

Premium Cannabis Flower 

With high levels of THC and elaborate terpene profiles, Dreams Wellness bud is by far some of the finest flower found in DC dispensaries. Break the trichome-covered cannabis up and pack it in a bowl, or grind the weed and roll it in a joint for a serious high with robust effects.

DC’s Finest Edibles

Dreams Wellness’ edibles are infused with potent THC and deliver a multi-effect high. Break your Dreams Wellness edible into small pieces for easy microdosing, or consume a more significant amount of edible for full-body relaxation, substantial pain relief, and a feeling of euphoria and happiness. 

Weed Concentrates 

Weed concentrates are collected masses of concentrated compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. Concentrates is a broad term used to describe dabs, hash, kief, and weed oil. If you are an experienced cannabis consumer looking to take your high to the next level, shop at Dreams Wellness for the best concentrates in DC. 

Potent pre-rolls

pre-rolls either refer to pre-rolled joints, pre-rolled blunts, or infused pre-rolls. And luckily for pre-roll enthusiasts, Dreams Wellness offers a massive selection of each pre-roll type. Smoke a pre-roll joint for a quick and effortless high. Toke a pre-roll blunt at a party with a group of friends for the perfect smoke sesh. Or, light up an infused pre-roll for those extra special occasions.

CBD Hemp

Dreams Wellness also offers CBD hemp, which contains high levels of CBD and very little to no THC. This hemp delivers therapeutic and pain-relieving effects without any psychoactive effects commonly associated with cannabis. CBD hemp is a fond product for those seeking mainly the medicinal benefits of cannabis. 

Smoke Shops Vs Head Shops in DC

Although both smoke shops and head shops cater specifically to cannabis consumers and the smoking community, there is a distinct difference between the two. One shop sells weed, and one shop only sells tools and devices for smoking weed. Learning the difference between these two shops is crucial for knowing how to obtain cannabis in Washington DC. 

Smoke Shops-

DC’s smoke shops cater to the cannabis community, although there are no cannabis or THC products available at these shops. Smoke shops sell smoking accessories such as pipes, bongs, dab tools, lighters, blunt wraps, etc. These shops are often licensed to sell smoking accessories and tobacco products, but not recreational weed. 

Head Shops-

Head shops in DC sell digital art, art prints, or stickers and offer a variety of top-notch cannabis and THC products that are gifted to purchasing customers. Those looking to obtain recreational weed in DC, drop by Dreams Wellness or another District head shop. 


What Makes a Head Shop in DC Stand Out?

Like any other dispensary, there are high standards and expectations for DC’s cannabis head shops. Head shop bud maintains a premium status, has stellar structure, and potent effects. The service of head shop employees is fast, helpful, and extremely friendly. And to meet all of DC’s head shop requirements, they must conduct business that remains in line with Initiative 71 and the District’s cannabis gifting market.

  1. Gifts Premium Cannabis

Whether offered in-store, online, or for delivery, premium cannabis shops in DC have extensive selections of CBD and THC gift items. Most head shops in DC offer THC and CBD cannabis products, including pre-rolls, weed vapes, premium bud, and potent edibles as gifts for purchasing a piece of physical or digital art.

  1. Is Inline With i-71 and DC’s Gifting Etiquette 

Initiative 71 allows head shops in DC to gift cannabis to adults 21+. To obtain a free gift of weed, all you have to do is purchase a small sticker or a piece of art. Learn about the process of buying recreational weed in DC and visit Dreams Wellness head shop for top-shelf bud and potent THC products. 

  1. Has Knowledgeable & Trustworthy Customer Service

A good DC head shop hires experts on cannabis or trains staff thoroughly on THC, cannabis products, and their effects on the body and brain. Dreams Wellness staff are well-versed in cannabis culture and are always ready to answer questions and soothe concerns about consuming cannabis. There’s a reason that Dreams Wellness has five stars and over 900 reviews on Google! 

Drop By Dreams Wellness 

For the very best weed in all of DC, drop by Dreams Wellness today. 

Yes, we are a little biased - but we are confident we can deliver like no other head shop in the District. Shop with Dreams Wellness for premium pre-roll joints, pre-roll blunts, edibles, concentrates, flower, weed vapes, and CBD hemp.

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