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Dream wellness carries choice cannabis brands like Burning Rope Pharms, Cookies, and Ten Co. Each THC or CBD pre-roll offered by Dreams Wellness gets chosen with tender care. With high-quality weed rolled by the best cannabis companies around, Dream Wellness provides the DC cannabis community with premium pre-rolls, hash rosin infused pre-rolls, and infused pre-roll blunts. 

Whether you need to bring life to the party or start the week off with a bang, the Dreams Wellness pre-roll selection has you covered!

It’s essential to stay educated on the types, characteristics, and effects of cannabis before consumption. Keeping informed can often prevent the undesired effects of THC overconsumption. Read on to learn more about different types of pre-rolls and the numerous pre-roll products offered by Dreams Wellness. 

What are Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are joints that come rolled and ready to spark. Most dispensaries and cannabis head shops carry an assortment of pre-roll options. With all the brands, strains, and types of pre-rolls, sometimes the power of choice feels more like a burden than a blessing. To speed up the decision-making/ question asking process, learn about the different pre-roll types and which types best meet your needs and preferences. 

pre roll infused blunt joint

Pre-Roll Joints

The average pre-roll joint consists of ½-2g of cannabis rolled in smokable paper with a filter at the end. Pre-roll weed strains vary from product to product. Another varying component of pre-rolls is the different types of rolling papers used in the industry. If you are allergic or sensitive to any of the common types of rolling papers, be sure to inquire about the paper type before obtaining or consuming pre-rolls. 

Common types of Rolling Papers

  • Hemp
  • Rice 
  • Bamboo
  • Flax
  • Wood Fiber

Cannabis stores often offer a wide variety of individual pre-rolls, packs of pre-rolls, and sometimes even pre-rolls rolled in-house! Most pre-rolls sold in dispensaries are rolled using machinery or packed into a filtered cone. These practices ensure that no saliva ever touches the pre-roll before coming in contact with the consumer’s mouth. Pre-rolls are obtained chiefly by consumers who are low on time or frustrated by the joint rolling process. To achieve an effortless high, consider smoking pre-rolls. 

Pre-Roll Blunts

Pre-roll blunts are usually larger and contain more weed than joints. The average blunt contains 2.5-4g of cannabis inside a wrap with a filter at the end. The cannabis strain varies along with the material used to roll them in. Most pre-roll blunts get rolled using a tobacco leaf or a cigar wrap. However, for those looking for a complete blunt experience without tobacco smoke, get hemp-rolled blunts as an alternative.

THC blunts cater to experienced cannabis smokers due to the large amount of cannabis and THC within the product. If you want to celebrate with a heavy high or start a smoke sesh, pick up a pre-roll blunt and party!

Infused Pre-Rolls

Just like pre-roll blunts and joints, infused pre-rolls get rolled or packed in paper or wraps with a filter at the tip. However, infused pre-rolls contain an exciting extra ingredient. When a joint is “infused,” the joint contains cannabis flower and cannabis concentrate!

Types of Infused Pre-Rolls

  • Oil
  • Wax 
  • Crumble
  • Hash or Hash Rosin
  • Kief 

The THC level of infused pre-rolls is very high and depends explicitly on the strain of bud and type of concentrate added. Pre-rolls dusted with kief will probably have a lower THC content than pre-rolls infused with wax or crumble. Infused joints and blunts are perfect for heavy stoners and those struggling with pain, sleep issues, or high anxiety. For a luxury muti-effect high, take home an infused pre-roll and spark it with style.

Dreams Wellness offers the Best High-Quality Cannabis

Dreams Wellness is one of the best pre-roll stores in DC. They carry a wide selection of cannabis products, including premium flower, potent concentrates, tasty edibles, and top-of-the-line pre-rolls. Peruse their selection online by clicking here  by, or swing by for a walk-in. Our professionals can guide you through the process and help you choose what pre-rolls best meet your preferences and needs! 

For more info about Dreams Wellness and the joints they offer, continue reading or make your way over to 1829 M St NW Washington, DC 20036 for in-person assistance. If you lack the time or despise the rolling process, let Dreams Wellness help today! 

Dreams Wellness Pre-Rolls Menu

Champagne Wedding-High Roller

This pre-roll contains 1.25g of indoor-grown Champagne Wedding cannabis. Champagne Wedding is a balanced hybrid strain, and its terpenes give off a spicy and fruity, diesel-like scent. Its reported effects include physical relaxation, improved sleep, and reduced anxiety. This pre-rolled joint is an excellent middle-ground product for somewhat experienced cannabis consumers.

Grape Pie-High Roller

This pre-roll contains 1.25g of indoor-grown Grape Pie cannabis. Grape Pie is a soft indica strain with a sour fruit smell due to its terpene profile. The strain is a cross of Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper. Its effects include euphoria, calmness, and increased appetite. Some consumers also reported pain-relieving effects from smoking Grape Pie. This pre-roll is a good option for new or inexperienced cannabis consumers.

Fritter Mintz-LAX PACKS x Backpack Boyz

This pre-roll contains 1.3g of Fritter Mintz cannabis infused with an Italian Ice sugar concentrate. Fritter Mintz is an indican-leaning hybrid strain. Its terpene profile gives off scents of vanilla gelato and diesel fuel. Its effects include a heavy head-high, a tingling sensation in the body, and deep relaxation. This infused pre-roll gears toward experienced cannabis smokers or those experiencing difficulty falling and staying asleep. 


LAX Shocktane-Backpack Boyz 

lax pre roll dc

This preroll includes 1.3g of Shocktane cannabis infused with an Italian Ice sugar concentrate. Shocktane is a heavy indica strain with a peppery, herbal aroma due to its unique terpene profile. The effects of Shocktane include relaxation, euphoria, and decreased stress. This infused pre-roll is perfect for experienced cannabis smokers winding down after a long day or those experiencing symptoms of sleep insomnia. 


JELL-O- Logs x Cloud 9

cloud 9 pre roll dc

This pre-roll blunt contains 2g of top-notch exotic flower and .25g of premium THC crumble rolled into a Backwoods wrap. The blunt comes sealed with a glass tip to ensure a quality high. This blunt is a good option for ultra-experienced cannabis consumers and those who claim to “puff professionally.”

Race Fuel- Logs x Cloud 9

race fuel pre roll dc

This Backwoods pre-roll blunt contains 2g of high-quality imported bud and .25g of potent THC crumble. This blunt is rolled and sealed with a glass tip for a smooth smoke. This infused pre-roll blunt is a good choice for seasoned smokers of cannabis.


Russian Creme Pie- Logs x Cloud 9

cream pie pre roll dc

This infused Backwoods blunt includes 2g of choice marijuana bud and .25g of THC crumble concentrate. Russian Creme Pie is rolled and sealed with a classy glass tip to enhance your smoking experience. This infused blunt is popular amongst expert cannabis smokers. 


Blue Zushi Donut- The Ten Co. 

This infused pre-roll contains  2g of premium Blue Zushi bud and 0.5g of potent hash rosin. Blue Zushi is a hybrid strain grown by mixing Zkittlez and Kush Mints. Its terpenes deliver an earthy, spiced-pine scent, and its effects include feelings of euphoria, increased energy, and tingling throughout the body. This product gets recommended to highly established cannabis consumers.


Hash Hole: Zensei x GMO- Trilogy 710 x Cali-x

zensei hash hole pre roll

This infused pre-roll joint includes 2g of Zensei cannabis and 0.5g of hash rosin. Zensei is an indica dominant hybrid grown by mixing the strains, Zkittlez and Biscoff. The strain’s terpene profile delivers a scent similar to lemon and pine. Its effects include euphoria, decreased stress, and relaxation. This infused pre-roll is for heavy-weight cannabis smokers and those who experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.  


Hash Hole: Ropescotti x Runtz- Trilogy 710 x Burning Rope Pharms

This infused pre-roll contains 2g of Ropescotti cannabis and 0.5g of Rutz hash rosin. Ropescotti is a Burning Rope Pharms twist on the Gelatti strain, which is grown by crossing Gelato and Biscotti. This strain is a balanced hybrid strain with a funky apple gelato scent. Its effects include euphoria, relaxation, and heightened creativity. This infused pre-roll is a heavy hitter recommended to well-versed cannabis consumers with experience smoking concentrates.


Hash Hole: White Cherry x Runtz- Trilogy 710 x Burning Rope Pharms

This infused pre-roll contains 2g of White Cherry cannabis and 0.5g of Runtz hash rosin. White Cherry is a balanced hybrid strain grown by crossing Cherry Pie and White Widow. White Cherry’s terpenes exude an earthy lavender-like scent. Its effects include creativity, euphoria, and increased energy. This infused pre-roll is a good option for experienced smokers and dabbers.


Purple Haze CBD- Thunder Brothers

purple haze pre roll dc

This CBD pre-roll contains 1g of Purple Haze CBD hemp. Purple Haze (CBD) is a sativa hemp strain grown by crossing Ultra Haze and OG Kush. Its terpenes give off scents of lemon and earthy pine. The effects of this CBD hemp include mental focus, creativity, and calmness in the mind and body. This is a good CBD pre-roll for hemp smokers avoiding THC consumption. 


Sour Diesel CBD- Banks

This CDB pre-roll contains 1g of Sour Diesel CBD hemp. Sour Diesel (CBD) is a sativa-dominant hybrid hemp strain grown by crossing Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk. Its terpene profile delivers a gassy citrus smell, and its effects include productivity, creativity, and increased energy. This CDB pre-roll is a good afternoon option for hemp smokers avoiding THC consumption. 


Lemon Haze CBD- Banks 

This CBD pre-roll contains 1g of Lemon Haze CBD hemp. Lemon Haze (CBD) is a hybrid strain grown by crossing Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. The strain’s terpenes give off a heavy citrus scent, and its effects include energy, focus, and pain relief. This CBD pre-roll is a choice product for those seeking all the benefits of cannabis without any of its psychoactive effects. 


Bubba Kush CBD- Thunder Brothers

bubba kush cbd pre roll

This CBD pre-roll contains 1g of Bubba Kush CBD hemp. Bubba Kush (CBD) is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that smells like chocolate, pine, and citrus fruit. The hemp’s effects include relaxation, decreased stress, and improved sleep. This CBD pre-roll is targeted at hemp consumers avoiding the consumption of THC or at those struggling with symptoms of insomnia.


Buying Pre Rolls in DC -

You can pick up pre-rolls in Cannabis Stores and select DC Smoke Shops. But if you are new to DC or visiting from another state, you will want to review DC’s unusual cannabis laws before attempting to purchase DC weed. If you walk right into a DC cannabis store and ask to buy a pack of pre-rolls, you might get some funny looks.

In most legal states, medical and recreational cannabis gets sold to adults (21+) carrying one of the accepted forms of I.D. However, in DC, recreational weed is not sold at all. While DC may seem cannabis-progressive from the outside, there are unique state limitations that restrict non-medical cannabis consumers from legally purchasing cannabis. 

Laws like this only fuel the illegal purchasing of unregulated black-market cannabis. Without safety regulations to ensure the authenticity and quality of flower, the chance of consuming laced or synthetic cannabis skyrockets. So, what did DC’s cannabis community do to fix this problem? 

I-71 Compliant 

Initiative 71 (I-71) got enthusiastically approved by DC voters on November 4, 2014, and took effect on February 26, 2015. As stated by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, Initiative 71 legalizes possession of minimal amounts of marijuana for personal use. This change means that anyone in DC 21 and older will be allowed to possess no more than 2oz of cannabis. The initiative also enables DC citizens to lawfully gift up to 1oz of cannabis to one another, as long as there is no financial transaction for the gifted cannabis.

The I-71 has allowed the opportunity for non-medical cannabis consumers to obtain cannabis and products containing THC lawfully. But if you still can’t legally purchase weed in DC, how on earth do growers, trimmers, budtenders, and cannabis companies make any money? And how can recreational consumers even obtain this cannabis? The loophole lies within one small I-71 keyword. And that word is “gift.”

Here In DC, We Gift Weed 

Without a medical card, it's impossible to purchase items like weed pens (vape), THC gummies, or any other legal weed in DC. But, thanks to the I-71, DC’s cannabis community has cleverly constructed a legal cannabis gifting market. This gifting market allows non-medical cannabis consumers to purchase items like art and stickers from DC cannabis stores. The purchase of one of these items results in a free gift of cannabis or products containing THC. 

How To Get Legal Cannabis in DC- Step by Step

  1. Show a valid license or U.S. state ID.
  2. Peruse the I71 gift menu. 
  3. Don’t use words like “sell” and “buy.”
  4. Do use words like “gift” and “donate.”
  5. Purchase the art or sticker item.
  6. Receive the item and a free gift of cannabis, THC edibles, concentrates, etc. 


Obtaining Pre-rolls and other legal cannabis in DC can feel intimidating if you are unfamiliar with DC’s cannabis gifting market and I-71. Don’t stress! Dreams Wellness’ expert employees can help guide you through the process of buying weed in DC. Shop with Dreams Wellness by ordering online for pick-up. Or just swing by for in-store shopping. Walk-ins welcome!

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