Gas Og | West Coast Cure Pen | 1G | Indica

By West Coast Cure


Strain & Effects


Crafted for discerning enthusiasts, West Coast Cure unveils the Indica THC Oil 1 gram Vape Cartridge in Gas OG. This premium cartridge encapsulates the quintessential essence of the Indica strain, delivering a robust, fuel-like aroma that intertwines with earthy undertones, captivating the senses with each draw. Embrace the deeply relaxing effects characteristic of Gas OG, inducing a tranquilizing body high that promotes a sense of profound calm. Immerse yourself in the velvety smoothness of West Coast Cure's signature THC oil, expertly concocted to ensure a potent and flavorsome vaping experience. Elevate your relaxation with the bold essence of Gas OG elegantly sealed within this 1 gram vape cartridge—a testament to West Coast Cure's commitment to excellence in curating an authentic Indica encounter.

I-71 Compliant

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