Getting cannabis edibles in Washington, DC, is easier than ever. Although it is not currently legal to buy weed in DC, there are simple workarounds that make the process of getting edibles simple and fun. 

Continue reading to learn what it's like to get cannabis edibles in DC, the different types of edibles you can get, and some of the best options on the market. 

Buying Cannabis Edibles in DC

buying cannabis edibles in dc

Buying recreational cannabis edibles in Washington, DC, has never been a more accessible and enjoyable experience. Since the passing of Initiative 71 (I-71), individuals can have up to two ounces of marijuana on their person and can be "gifted" marijuana from local weed dispensaries. 

The critical takeaway from this initiative is that it is not legal to purchase recreational marijuana in Washington, DC, but it can be gifted. 

For example, if you enter a weed dispensary to get a $10 pre-roll, you cannot simply ask the budtender to sell the pre-roll for $10. Instead, you will have to ask to buy a piece of merchandise for $10 (e.g., a sticker, a magnet, a t-shirt) and request the pre-roll as a gift. 

While you don't need a medical card to get cannabis edibles in DC, you will need a valid identification card verifying that you're over 21.

The gifting process of cannabis offers a considerable benefit to consumers, who can now select from a wide range of products, including flower, magic mushroom gummies, concentrates, weed chocolate, pre-rolls, and weed gummies in DC.

Where To Buy Edibles in DC?

Consumers interested in purchasing DC weed edibles should remember that the language used at cannabis dispensaries is crucial. You cannot "buy edibles" anywhere in DC. However, you can receive them as a gift along with other purchases. 

The best place to get weed edibles in DC is Dreams Wellness, which offers a professional, clean, and curated atmosphere with knowledgeable staff and an extensive product selection of cannabis edibles, magic mushrooms, and more. 

Types of Weed Edibles in DC

types of weed edibles in dc

There are numerous types of weed edibles, and the selection from Dreams Wellness DC dispensary is extensive. No matter what kind of edible you're looking for, whether you have dietary restrictions or are looking for particular strains, Dreams Wellness can accommodate you. 

In addition to cannabis edibles, you can also get edibles made with magic mushrooms, which were recently decriminalized in Washington, DC

Vegan Edibles

Many THC gummies have gelatin, which is not a vegan ingredient. Vegan gummies are free from all animal products and animal-derived byproducts. There are several options if you're interested in getting vegan edibles, including:

  • Space Flyt Live Rosin Infused Vegan Edibles
  • Sour Pack Vegan Edibles

THC Gummies

thc gummies

THC gummies are the perfect way to dip your toes into the edible pool. THC gummies are highly customizable, and you can eat as much or as little as you want.

Typically THC gummies are sold in packages with multiple gummies that you can take one at a time, all at once (although this is only recommended for experienced cannabis users), or share with friends. 

Dreams Wellness offers multiple types of THC gummies, including:

  • Solventless Rosin Infused Gummies
  • Trilogy Treats Live Rosin Gummies

THC Chocolates

THC chocolates are cannabis-infused edibles, but some prefer eating them in a chocolate bar rather than as a gummy. Like gummies, you can eat a small or large amount of THC chocolates. 

If you're interested in THC and psilocybin-infused chocolates, Trippy Flips make an excellent choice. 

Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms were recently decriminalized in DC, and it's easier than ever to safely start experimenting with psilocybin and finding a magic mushroom dosage that works for you. 

Whether you want to microdose or have a full-blown spiritual experience, magic mushrooms have been making headlines for their potential ability to aid in numerous mental health benefits.

Current offerings of magic mushrooms include: 

  • Magic Kingdom Premium Fruit Gummies
  • Snow Caps | Blue Magnolia Rust

Magic Mushroom Chocolates

Magic mushroom chocolates are psilocybin-infused chocolate bars that provide the user with a consistent and predictable experience. Like THC gummies and chocolates, magic mushroom chocolates are delicious and provide the perfect method of building on your trip. 

Because each bar has multiple doses, you can take a certain amount or share it with friends to ensure a similar experience. 

Dreams Wellness has an extensive selection of magic mushroom chocolates that you can choose from, including: 

  • Astrobar (comes in a variety of flavors, including churro crunch, sea salt pretzel, and captain crunch)
  • Psilonauts | Green Matcha
  • PolkaDots (comes in a variety of flavors, including s'mores, peanut butter jelly, and cookies & cream)
  • Trippy Flip THC & Psilocybibn infused chocolate bars (comes in a variety of flavors including chocolate crunch, milk chocolate & toffee, and cookies & cream)

Magic Mushroom Gummies

Like THC, magic mushrooms can be eaten in gummy form, too. People often prefer to ingest magic mushrooms in the form of chocolate and gummies to counteract the taste that many mushroom consumers find unpleasant. 

In addition, taking magic mushrooms in these forms makes it easy to pay attention to the amount you're taking. This way, you can find a dosage that works for you and repeat the same amount repeatedly. 

Dreams Wellness currently carries a few brands of magic mushroom gummies, including:

  • Magic Kingdom Premium Fruit Gummies
  • Sacred Fruits Magic Carpets Fruit Rolls

Specialty Edibles

Specialty edibles are those that don't fit into a specific edible category and are unique in some way. Sometimes these are extra-potent edibles made with concentrates; other times, they're unique or rare psilocybin edibles. 

Dreams Wellness currently offers several types of specialty edibles, including:

  • Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Microdose Caps
  • Sour Jelly Jawns Solventless Jellies Made with Ice Water Hash
  • Snow Caps | Blue Magnolia Rust

Best Edibles in DC

If you're looking for recommendations for the best cannabis and magic mushroom edibles in DC, these favorites are available at Dreams Wellness and are excellent choices for beginners and experienced users alike (except Snow Caps Magic Shrooms, which are recommended for experienced users). 

Sour Pack Gummies

Sour Pack Gummies are the perfect introduction to cannabis edibles, and the sweet and sour flavors are a familiar favorite. Whether you opt for the vegan gummies (offered in original and watermelon flavors) or the ring edibles (which come in green apple, blue raspberry, and peach), these gummies are fun and delicious. 

These bags come with 300 mg of THC gummies, allowing you to start with a single edible and build on your experience as you see fit. 

Snow Caps Magic Shrooms

If you're looking for a unique magic mushroom experience, the Snow Caps Blue Magnolia Rust shrooms are a specialized high-potency psilocybin strain developed by mycologists Mycotek and Doc in 2011. 

The Snow Caps shrooms come in 3.5-gram packages and are recommended to individuals who are experienced with mushrooms due to their strength. However, for those familiar with mushroom trips, these magic mushrooms are the ideal choice.

Trilogy Treats Rosin Gummies

Trilogy Treats Rosin Gummies are 150 mg THC gummy edibles made by Trilogy 710. These gummies come in a variety of flavors, including cherry, red raspberry, banana, watermelon, and more.

These edibles use hash rosin, which ensures you absorb all the benefits of the THC. Terpenes are essential to providing a consistent experience, and because the gummies are 150 mg, you can space out your experience over multiple sessions with the peace of mind that you'll get the same effects every time.

Trippy Flip

Trippy Flip bars are some of the best magic mushrooms in DC and come in delicious THC and psilocybin-infused chocolate bars. Coming in flavors like cookies & cream, chocolate crunch, and milk chocolate & toffee, you can select how strong of a trip you want with Trippy Flip's easy dosing system. 

Every chocolate bar you get has 12 pre-dosed pieces, and their recommended dosage is one to three squares for micro-dosing and up to 12 squares for experienced individuals. 

Trippy Flip chocolates can take up to an hour to take effect, so it's always best to start small and build from there to ensure you have a good time.

PolkaDot Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Coming in fun flavors like peanut butter jelly, s'mores, and cookies & cream, PolkaDot Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars are some of the most fun shrooms in DC. Unlike Trippy Flip bars, PolkaDot bars are not THC-infused. Instead, they are infused with four grams of psilocybin mushrooms. 

However, like the Trippy Flip bars, you can select how much or how little chocolate you want to eat based on how strong a trip you want. 

How Many Edibles Can You Buy in DC?

For individuals living in and visiting Washington DC, there are limitations on the number of edibles you're allowed to receive in a day and the amount of cannabis you can have on your person at any given time.

The current restrictions on how much cannabis you can receive in a day are as follows:

  • No more than 16 ounces of cannabis edibles
  • No more than 72 ounces of liquid cannabinoid products
  • No more than five grams of cannabis concentrate
  • No more than one ounce of cannabis flower

Consumers should also note that while the possession and use of psilocybin are decriminalized in Washington DC and it is instructed to be " among the lowest law enforcement priorities," you should still consider being careful when taking magic mushrooms, as possessing them is not technically legal.