Polaroid x Devour | Trippy Tangerine | Shroom Gummies | 5g

By Polaroid x Devour


Strain & Effects


Introducing Trippy Tangerine Magic Mushroom Gummies, the latest innovation from the dynamic collaboration between Polaroid and Devour. Each bag contains 10 gummies, with each piece infused with 5 grams of potent magic mushrooms, offering a precise and consistent dosage for your psychedelic explorations. Trippy Tangerine Gummies are packed with a vibrant tangerine flavor that perfectly masks the earthy taste of mushrooms, providing a citrusy, tangy treat that delights your taste buds. These gummies are ideal for both experienced psychonauts and those new to the psychedelic experience, offering a reliable and enjoyable way to expand your consciousness, boost creativity, and delve into profound introspection. Whether you're microdosing for subtle effects or embarking on a full psychedelic journey, Trippy Tangerine Magic Mushroom Gummies by Polaroid and Devour are your perfect companion for a flavorful and mind-expanding adventure. Elevate your senses and explore new dimensions with this extraordinary collaboration.

I-71 Compliant

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