How To Get Weed Delivered In DC

If you are new to the area or unfamiliar with D.C. dispensaries, laws, and delivery etiquette, continue reading to become more knowledgeable on these topics. We will offer help learning to place a dispensary order for cannabis delivery in Washington DC. Not only is it important to familiarize yourself with state law and local regulations involving cannabis delivery, but it is also crucial to learn shoppers' expectations during the delivery process.

What Do I Need for Weed Delivery in D.C.?

You will need a valid form of identification. This identification must prove two crucial bits of qualifying information. Your identification must show residency within the U.S. and state the cardholder's date of birth. Shoppers under 21 will not be allowed to obtain cannabis from D.C. dispensaries and cannabis delivery services. If you are still unsure if you meet the requirements to utilize D.C.'s weed delivery services, further review how to buy recreational weed in Washington DC

Where Does DC Weed Delivery Services, well…Deliver? 

District Dispensaries only deliver to D.C. addresses, which unfortunately means that addresses located just outside D.C. (like Maryland and Virginia addresses) do not qualify for delivery at this time. However, as long as you remain in the District of Columbia, you can have your weed delivered almost anywhere! Below is a list of locations that D.C. dispensaries deliver to frequently. 

Public Locations

Public land can include parks, forests, beaches, arboretums, flower gardens, etc. All public land falls into one of three categories based on the land's ownership and funding source. These categories include Local, State, and Federal. And due to the continued criminalization of cannabis under federal law, dispensaries in Washington DC are lawfully unable to deliver to any federal addresses. Look at a map of federal land in the District of Columbia to verify that you are not on federal land before placing your order for delivery.

DC Hotels

For non-locals who frequently visit Washington DC for work or to visit loved ones, it can be difficult to relax without the comforts of home. Have your favorite cannabis strains and other familiar THC goodies delivered directly to your hotel. Their cozy and homey effects should calm your nerves and help soothe any temporary homesickness. 

Your Doorstep!

If you own a residential address in Washington DC, you immediately qualify for D.C. marijuana delivery. With quick delivery speeds, knowledgeable dispensary staff, and an effortless exchange, weed delivery is quickly becoming the D.C. resident's new best friend. 

What Cannabis Products Do Weed Delivery Services Provide?

weed delivery dc products

Many DC dispensaries, such as the infamous Dreams Wellness, offer a seemingly endless list of flower strains and other THC products. Continue reading below to discover the variety of products to choose from when ordering D.C. weed for delivery. 

DC Pre Rolls

Breaking, grinding, and rolling can be a chore for heavy smokers. If you like smoking joints and blunts but hate the process of rolling up, order prerolls for delivery. For special occasions or stay-at-home self-care days, look into CBD hemp prerolls or prerolls infused with cannabis concentrates. 

DC Edibles

Edibles offered by D.C.'s dispensaries come in many flavors and assortments. From baked goods and chocolate bars to breath mints and gummies, edibles are far from a rare commodity in D.C. dispensaries. Have a batch of edibles delivered to your social gathering, or order just enough for yourself from the comfort of home. 

DC Flower

Flower is by far the most-ordered dispensary item in the D.C. recreational cannabis community. With countless strain options and frequently revolving varieties of rare, exotic bud, D.C. dispensaries offer some of the most impressive strain repertoires in the U.S. With weed delivery in the District, cannabis lovers can obtain these premium flower strains from nearly anywhere in all of D.C. 

Cannabis Concentrates 

Luckily for the District's dabbing community, shatter, oil, and wax are highly accessible and easily delivered to nearly all D.C. addresses. Keep an eye out for other deliverable cannabis concentrates such as honeycomb, kief, and hash. These dryer cannabis concentrates are popular for rolling infused joints and blunts.


Aside from potent cannabis and products containing THC, some D.C. weed delivery services offer a line of various accessories, including tools for smoking or dabbing, glass pipes or chillums, and electronic smoking devices such as flower and dab pens. Consider adding a cannabis concentrate vape to your next D.C. delivery order for a portable and potent high that is discrete in smell and appearance. 

Other Cannabis Products 

We have already covered an extensive range of dispensary items available for delivery in Washington DC. However, we aren't quite finished. There is a loose category of D.C.'s deliverable dispensary items about physical health, self-care, and the more medicinal benefits of marijuana. For example, CBD and THC infused lotions, bath salts, and even pain-relieving transdermal patches are available for delivery in D.C. 

Magic Mushroom Delivery (I-81)

More and more frequently, we will witness the increasing availability of psilocybin mushrooms within Washington DC. Due to the 2020 approval of D.C.'s Initiative 81, shrooms and other entheogenic plants and fungi have taken a massive step towards decriminalization within the District. The approval of this initiative calls for the lowered priority in punitive enforcement for those cultivating, possessing, and consuming entheogenic plants and fungi within the District of Columbia. 

And with the successful growth of D.C.'s recreational cannabis gifting market, many of these dispensaries now offer shrooms or products containing psilocybin (scroll down to ‘snow caps’ after clicking the link) to in-store shoppers and those looking to place an order for delivery. If you are unfamiliar with a dispensary's shroom delivery practices, place a call with the dispensary and request any additional information necessary.  

Basic DC Weed Delivery Etiquette

weed delivery etiquette in DC

The most essential delivery etiquette to practice as the delivery recipient is to thank the staff member and tip them for their service. Typically folks tip a minimum of $5. However, If your delivery was quick and easy, consider a staff tip of 18%-25% of the order's final cost. 

Another respectful practice when having cannabis delivered in D.C. is reducing or eliminating any difficulty in address or entry access. Send additional location details if you think the delivery driver would find them helpful. And if your address entrance is obstructed or hidden, step outside when your order is near. Dispensary staff will appreciate your consideration. 

Dreams Wellness DC Weed Delivery Coming Soon 

The best dispensary in all of D.C. is finally working to offer delivery to shoppers in the District of Columbia. Dreams Wellness dispensary is the one-stop shop for all things cannabis. And as soon as they begin offering delivery, Dreams Wellness will better cater to shoppers who benefit from "NO-stop-shops." Visit Dreams Wellness and follow dispensary news to learn when you can place your very first Dreams Wellness order for delivery.

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