Edibles in DC: The Best Way to Treat Yourself

Weed edibles in Washington, DC, are growing in popularity and increasing in quality, especially since the approval of Initiative 71. The most challenging part of obtaining DC edibles is narrowing your dispensary options. The District's cannabis industry is booming, making it challenging to locate the best out of the batch. Luckily, there are a few things to know that will guide you on the hunt for the best edibles in DC. So, where and how can you get the District's best edibles? Continue reading for the inside scoop!

Where To Get Edibles in DC

Like most weed-friendly areas, Washington DC has dispensaries on nearly every corner. Whether you're a tourist or new to the area, learning the area's shining gems and local fan favorites is crucial when looking for the finest weed and edibles in DC. Dreams Wellness has made a name for itself as the "Best Dispensary in Dupont Circle." Customers love the vast variety offered at this infamous dispensary. Visit Dreams Wellness for high-quality and professionally produced edibles infused with potent THC.

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The demand for weed edibles in D.C. is constantly increasing, especially since the passage of Initiative 71, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana. The increased demand means that it’s harder than ever to find a reliable supply. Don’t worry, though — this article will point you in the right direction so that you can always find great edibles.

Get Your THC Treats Delivered in DC! 

‌What if you could relax at home while having a fresh supply of high-quality edibles delivered directly to your front door? This fantasy is rooted in reality for cannabis consumers in DC. Many dispensaries offer delivery to almost anywhere in the District. Remember that you'll need a valid ID and proof that you are at least 21 years old to place an order for lawful weed delivery. Remain up-to-date on all things Dreams Wellness, and keep your eyes peeled for the Dreams Wellness Weed Delivery Service (Coming Soon)!

How To Get Edibles in DC

If you are not a DC resident and unfamiliar with their cannabis laws, review I-71 and its measures. You might be shocked that owning a Medical Marijuana Card in DC is no longer needed to obtain cannabis in the District. Thanks to Initiative 71, DC is home to many renowned dispensaries offering premium cannabis and edibles infused with THC for recreational consumption. Visit a reliable dispensary in the District, like Dreams Wellness, for lawful access to a seemingly endless variety and supply of the best edibles in Washington DC. 

Measures and Limits Discussed in DC's I-71

**FAQ interactive tab that answers: How old one needs to be, how much they can possess, how much they can gift, and how many plants can be grown in DC. (legal for people 21 and older, possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana at one time, grow up to six marijuana plants in your home, and gift others up to 1 ounce of marijuana at a time.)

Finding a reliable and lawful source of edibles hasn't always been easy for folks in Washington, DC. But, the gifting market established by recreational dispensaries in DC has allowed for easy access to edibles and other cannabis-made, THC-containing products. However, there are frequent misunderstandings about how I-71 impacted the Nation's Capital. This Initiative legalizes the possession, consumption, gifting, and growing of cannabis in the District of Colombia. 

As stated by DC law, gifting cannabis is legal but buying and selling it remains criminalized, hence the District's gifting market. By selling lawfully purchasable items like art prints or stickers at a spiked price, they can gift shoppers with free cannabis, receive a profit, and remain entirely I-71 compliant. Review the limitations and specifications within DC's laws on cannabis to know what you can and can't do under the District's umbrella of legality. 

Weed Laws in Maryland and Virginia 

If you are visiting DC from Maryland or Virginia, there are a few legal limits to consider before buying recreational weed in DC. Maryland offers lawful access to medical weed by MMJ Card owners. Maryland law also specifies the decriminalization of possessing up to 10 grams of cannabis flower. However, the law also states the continued criminalization of consuming cannabis recreationally. If you obtain cannabis in Washington, DC, carry out its consumption within the District so as not to get in trouble with Maryland law for possessing illegal weed. 

As for Virginia, last year was the state's approval of legal cannabis for adults 21 and older. This progression is so fresh that it will still take time for Virginia to erect recreational dispensaries. In the meantime, residents of Virginia can drive to DC, obtain recreational cannabis, and either consume the weed in DC or bring it home for future consumption. Learning state laws can keep you out of trouble when engaging in cannabis culture. 

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What Edibles are in DC? 

edibles in dc

  • Cannabis-Infused Chocolate 
  • THC or CBD Gummy Candy 
  • Marijuana Taffy 
  • Soda Infused with THC
  • Baked Goods Containing Cannabis 
  • So…Much…More!

Shroom Edibles in DC

More recently approved than I-71, DC's I-81 decriminalizes cultivating, possessing, consuming, and gifting entheogenic plants and mushrooms for recreational use. The word "entheogen" covers a wide mind-altering variety of naturally occurring psychoactive, psychedelic, or hallucinogenic compounds. These compounds exist in some species of plants and fungi, such as magic mushrooms. 

After the measures of I-81 took effect, some DC dispensaries enthusiastically added shrooms and products containing shrooms to their gifting menus. Stop by Dreams Wellness or another I-81 compliant dispensary in the District of Colombia for lawful access to magic mushrooms containing the psilocybin entheogen. 

Final Thoughts On Buying Edibles in DC 

Dreams Wellness is revolutionizing the market by making it lawful yet effortless to obtain premium edibles in DC. If you're at least 21 and have a valid ID, feel free to drop by Dreams Wellness for recreational edibles. Or, you can soon order them online for a Dreams Wellness delivery. Shop with Dreams Wellness, Dupont's favorite dispensary, to find the highest-quality edibles in all of DC.

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