Can Tourists Buy Weed In DC?

When traveling to Washington DC, you might be wondering how you can buy weed without accidentally breaking a law or two. Lucky for you, the nation’s capital has become quite popular among weed lovers. With 420-friendly establishments, events, workshops, and festivals becoming more of a norm, you can definitely have an amazing trip while on your trip! But before you get too excited, you need to know the dos and don’ts of smoking weed in DC. In this article, we’re giving you everything you need to know about exploring the flourishing culture and community of pot fans in DC. While marijuana laws are generally lenient in DC, there are still certain guidelines you need to know by heart, such as where you can and cannot smoke, how much weed you can carry in DC, and how to partake in the gifting system. This guide is just the right place for anyone looking to learn how to safely buy weed in DC as a short-term tourist or a long-term visitor.

DC Weed Laws

dc weed laws

If you’re visiting DC, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to enjoying some bud. Thanks to Intiative 71, cannabis enthusiasts can light up a joint or pop some edibles while still remaining on the safe side of the law.

But what exactly is Initiative 71 in the first place? We’ll spare you all the boring details. Simply put, in 2014, the state of DC passed Initiative 71, which legalized the possession and usage of marijuana for personal adult-use. Under this voter-approved law, you are allowed to possess a maximum of two ounces of cannabis as long as you’re 21 and above. 

There’s a catch, though. The rules for getting recreational weed are a little different than you might expect in other states. As stated in the law, adults can gift each other up to 1 ounce of marijuana. The term “gifting” is essential to the overall weed culture in DC. Initiative 71 doesn’t technically allow the selling and purchasing of marijuana of any amount, but gifting is actually okay! Thanks to the creativity of recreational dispensaries, these establishments have evolved to safely provide marijuana while still being i-71 compliant. 

How does it work you might ask? Simply put, adults can visit any DC dispensary and purchase some of the branded merchandise. This can vary from a piece of digital art, music, clothing, posters, tokens, and more. After purchasing said item, DC dispensaries will “gift” you the recreational cannabis product of your choice. Whether it’s pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, flower, vape carts, DC’s gifting system makes it incredibly easy to smoke weed during your stay in Washington DC. 

If you’re more keen on buying medical marijuana, then you’ll need to pay about $30 to self-certify and obtain a medical marijuana card that’s good for just 30 days. Medical marijuana patients will have no problem finding medical cannabis dispensaries within DC. 

Curious about growing your own marijuana? While tourists are typically in town for just a few days, you might be thinking of growing some bud at a friend’s place. Getting acquainted with all sides of the law is important for marijuana aficionados after all. The state of DC allows citizens to grow a maximum of six plants, but only three of these plants can reach full maturity.

It looks like the laws around weed in DC are bound to get more relaxed over time. More recently, the DC Council passed a bill that ensures employers cannot fire their employees for simply failing a drug test. Since marijuana usage and possession is permitted in the state, it only makes sense that employees aren’t punished for recreational use -- as long as it’s outside of work hours! 

Where to Get Weed in Washington DC 

where to get weed in washington dc

Now you might be wondering where exactly you can find trustworthy dispensaries to buy your favorite flower strains and edible flavors. Thanks to the legalization of recreational weed in recent years, there’s an abundance of smoke shops and gift shops to choose from. But with countless budtenders and dispensaries at every corner, it can be difficult to figure out where you can get the best weed.

The first place to look would be Google Reviews as you can check out reviews and testimonials posted by past customers. Make sure to check the date on the review since using a review from 2015 might not be so useful for buying weed in present day. 

You could also turn to DC weed directories that are available online. These directories are known for compiling well-known gift shops, DC dispensaries, and weed delivery services The great thing about such resources are that the listed brands have already been double-checked and verified by a third-party source.

Another great source of information would be local residents living in DC. You can check out subreddits that discuss the best dispensaries to check out from posters who actually live in the vicinity. If you’re a social butterfly, you could also try attending local weed events and asking directly from pot fans. When there are no events happening near you area, then you’ll definitely be able to meet some open-minded DC residents at local bars or clubs. 

Before visiting any of these places, make sure you’re carrying a valid identification card that can confirm your age. Most weed websites will also make sure that you’re 21 before you can even check out their online selection. Making sure that customers are 21 and older has become a huge priority among cannabis gift shops. To stay Initiative 71-compliant, most smoke shops have to be extra careful about who’s buying their goods.

This age verification process also applies to weed delivery services. You’ll have to send over a picture of your ID before you can place a pick-up, meet-up, or delivery order. And don’t even thinking about using a fake ID because that can just get you into double the trouble!

Getting Weed Gifts from Dreams Wellness

getting weed gifts from dreams wellness

Thanks to its excellent gifting menu and high quality products, Dreams Wellness has become a popular option among DC residents. With a wide array of flower, pre-rolls, vape gifts, edibles, and concentrates, you can rely on Dreams Wellness for your every marijuana need! 

Their pre-roll menu is exceptionally impressive as they offer classic kinds of pre-rolls to more flavorful and experimental kinds. Whether you’re looking for bud on the low price range or looking to splurge for the weekend, Dreams Wellness caters to all price points for newcomers and seasoned smokers alike.

If you’re interested in a more lowkey way of getting high, then Dreams Wellness edibles would be perfect for you. Whether you’re checking out their physical store or browsing their online store, it’s hard not to feel tempted to just buy the entire edible section! Carrying different designer high-quality brands, Dreams Wellness offers gummies in irresistible flavors, as well as dried mushrooms, capsules, and marshmallow bars. They also have THC-infused chocolate bars that come in all shapes and forms. 

Disposable vape carts have become extremely popular in recent years, and Dreams Wellness is here to satisfy that need! With flavors such as Gelonade, Super Dog, Gelato 41, and Atomic Apple, DC residents can’t help but keep coming back for more of their favorite CBD and THC products at this famous recreational dispensary. 

Buying Weed from a Medical Dispensary in DC 

There’s nothing wrong with buying your weed from a medical dispensary, but you will have to jump through some hoops in the beginning. First, you’ll have to apply for a self-certification from a licensed DC retailer. It might sound like a hassle, but it’s actually a requirement in order to carry around a temporary medical marijuana card. If you already have patient registration from another U.S state, then this process might be quicker, but you’ll still need to pay the registration fee. 

As mentioned earlier, this fee can cost $30. While this seems like a small sum, it can eventually rack up your expenses if you’re traveling in and out of the state multiple times a year. If you’re an international visitor, the fees mentioned apply to you all the same. 

That being said, if you’re thinking of self-certifying for your upcoming DC trip, then you’ll have to be quick. There’s no assurance as to how long the application might take, and you definitely don’t want to be waiting anxiously days before your trip.

Where Can You Smoke Weed in DC?

where can you smoke weed in dc

Now that you’ve got the goods, where can you actually smoke it? Don’t skip out on this portion because you definitely don’t want to come face-to-face with the law! Keep your DC visit as worry-free and hassle-free as possible by reading up on the simple guidelines of where you can and cannot smoke while in DC. 

Places you can smoke weed 

The most obvious place to kick back and get high would be from the comforts of your own home or on your own private property. As a tourist, however, this might get a little tricky. If you’re not staying at a friend’s place, then you might be itching to find 420-friendly places to light up your bong. 

Lucky for you, 420-friendly accommodations have become all the rage in DC. You can easily find Airbnbs that are 100% okay with visitors smoking up every now and then. Some hosts will even go so far as to provide joints for you to enjoy during your stay and drive you to the nearby marijuana dispensaries!

If you’re more comfortable staying at hotels, you’ll want to opt for rooms with balconies or rooms that are categorized as smoking rooms. These kind of rooms make it easier for you to disguise the weed smoke and avoid setting off any smoke alarms. 

In some cases, there are also clubs, cafes, bars, and restaurants that allow customers to smoke to their heart’s desires. If they have an outdoor dining or roof option, you’re welcome to ask in advanced if you can enjoy some bud with a friend or two. Some loyal customers will also share their experiences online and suggest tried-and-tested 420-friendly establishments. If you come across a place that welcomes cannabis enthusiasts, why not share the love online as well for fellow smokers?

Places you can't smoke weed 

First things first, smoking weed in public places is an absolute no-no. That means you’re better off avoiding smoking in places such as parks and sidewalks. Even if there are no police officers in the vicinity, you never know if there are plainsclothes officers hanging around. 

When dining in establishments such as cafes and bars, the rules vary depending on the owners and managers. Some managers are generally okay with customers lighting up a joint or two, while others might be strongly against the idea altogether. That’s why we definitely suggest asking the owner before letting it rip. 

You could also just opt for more discreet methods to getting high, such as topicals, tinctures, or edibles. As long as you’re not creating a scene from being high, such as acting unruly or walking in an obviously high manner, then you should be fine! Snacking on a chocolate edible or enjoying a few gummies should be perfectly acceptable in public.

These options might be viable for those who want to enjoy a trip in a car or an Uber. Yes, even smoking in your car or Uber can get you into a nasty run-in with law enforcement. It doesn’t matter if you’re the driver or the passenger, it’s still considered illegal to smoke up when in a vehicle. Some people may consider cars as private property, but the state regulations include cars as potential public spaces where you cannot light up a bong, unfortunately. 

Another thing to remember is that consuming cannabis on federal land can get you in a lot of trouble. Since a huge part of DC is considered federal property, you’re going to have to be extra careful about where you light up your joint. As a tourist, you’re most likely to be visiting spots such as National Mall, the White House, Smithsonian museums, National Zoo, United States Supreme Court grounds, and more. 

If you’re caught carrying cannabis in prohibited areas, you can expect to pay a costly sum or spend some jail time as an offender. While the consequences depend on the gravity of your offense, we definitely don’t want to find out for ourselves! As long as you stay true to the rules and guidelines of Initiative 71, you can smoke your weed in peace.

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Open 7 days a week, all DC tourists are invited to join in on the fun at this dispensary’s physical store. (And yes, there’s parking!) If you’d rather sit back and relax within the comforts of your room, you can easily arrange for a delivery to your accommodations! If you check out their online storefront, you’ll happy to find that there are weekly giveaways and deals that’ll get you amazing products and accessories at great prices!

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