Pistachio| Sherbinski

By Sherbinskis


Strain & Effects


Introducing Pistachio, a indica-leaning hybrid born from the union of P-61 and Fortune Cookies, brought to you by the renowned brand Sherbinki. Delight your senses with its aromatic blend of gassy, roasted nuts, reminiscent of a stroll through a pistachio orchard. But it doesn't stop there – indulge in its flavor profile that mirrors the creamy richness of pistachio ice cream. Despite its indica-dominant lineage, Pistachio surprises users with its reported energetic and focused effects. Patients have lauded its ability to provide a boost of motivation and clarity, making it an ideal choice for daytime productivity or creative pursuits. Experience the best of both worlds with Pistachio – a delectable flavor journey coupled with a balanced, uplifting high that defies expectations, all crafted by the trusted brand Sherbinki.

I-71 Compliant

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