Weed Dispensary Gift Guide Washington DC

Since the legalization of marijuana in DC in 2014, the marijuana industry has grown significantly. Many cannabis enthusiasts have been enjoying recreational dispensary gifts, including cannabis flowers, vapes, edibles, pre-rolls, and concentrates. In this article, we will dive into the legalization of weed in DC, where to look when embarking on your journey, the best cannabis dispensary, and their menu!

legalization of weed gifts dc

Legalization Of Weed gifts DC

DC has been thriving when it comes to cannabis. Tourists and residents have been loving the legalization of marijuana under Initiative 71. Under Initiative 71, cannabis can be gifted to customers when purchasing merchandise at a recreational dispensary. This merchandise purchase may include digital art, t-shirts, stickers, or smoking accessories! To qualify for DC gifting, you must be 21 or older and have a valid ID.

Where to Look for Cannabis Dispensary Gifts in DC

When looking for a marijuana dispensary in DC, you must make sure they have third-party lab testing and cannabis products that are free of fillers, dyes, and any harmful substances. Dreams Wellness ensures quality products free of fillers and harmful chemicals, so you know you’re the real deal!

Let’s view our Dispensary menu and review our fan-favorite products to help you get started!

The Best Weed Dispensary Gifts in DC

Dreams Wellness offers a wide range of cannabis dispensary gifts, from sativa and indica to hybrid strains. Our products have high concentrations of THC and will be sure to blow you away! We do, of course, also cater to those who are new to the cannabis scene, with some products having lower THC levels.

cannabis flower gifts

Cannabis Flower Gifts

Cannabis Flower is the OG way of consuming cannabis, and Dreams Wellness offers some of the best top-quality flower you can find in DC.

Here are our Fan-favorite strains that will leave you speechless:

Original Biscotti | Doja Exclusive- OG Biscotti is a classic and popular marijuana strain brought to you by Doja Exclusive. Doja has crafted a magnificent blend of South Flordia and gelato 25, with a strong flavor and potent effects. Biscotti is an Indica-dominant hybrid that offers a high THC content of 21%. With its high THC content, you’ll feel the effects of euphoria creep on quickly and experience a well-balanced high. This strain is the perfect gift for any stoner!

Lemon Popperz | Super Dope | SativaLemon Popperz stands out due to being a well-balanced sativa hybrid strain. Its THC level averages 21-23%, and it has a delicious pairing of lemon tree and gelato 41. Consumers of this strain describe It as “smoking Spanish limes and lemon peels”. Lemon Popperz is enjoyable during the day due to its creative, giggly, euphoric high.

weed vape gifts

Weed Vape Gifts

Dreams Wellness offers plenty of options when it comes to vapes. Our menu includes disposable vapes and cartridges that come in half-gram, gram, and 2 grams.

Here are the best vape gifts in the capital!

White Clouds Raw Garden | Live Resin Cartridge 1G | Indica- 

White Clouds is a unique and potent strain derived from premium Indica strains. Raw Garden has crafted this live resin cartridge with the utmost craftsmanship and care to deliver a seamless and smooth vaping experience for cannabis connoisseurs. This strain effect induces a high that will soothe and calm your body and mind.

2 Gram Live Resin Disposable | Pink Starburst | Sativa | Fryd Extracts

Fryd Extracts offered by Dreams Wellness bring on a potent punch. Each disposable contains 2 grams of thick premium live resin. These disposables offer a smooth, consistent puff, allowing you to savor every bit. Dreams carry sativa, indica, and hybrid fried disposables depending on your preference and desired effects! Fryd Carts are a perfect, hassle-free, discreet way to enjoy cannabis to its full potential!

Fryd carts come in different strains such as Pink StarburstApple JuiceBerry ZkittlezBerry ZlushieBlue Gummy SharkBubble Gum Gelato, Code RedGuava GelatoLemon HeadsPink SlusheeStrawberry LemoncelloTropicana Smoovie.

Cannabis Edible Gifts

DC’s high-quality, delicious weed edibles and gummy gifts!

  • Zerds Manna | Cannabis Infused Rosin Jellies Edibles | Jelly Wizard- Dive into Zerd Manna by Jelly Wizard with ten gummies that contain 10mg in each. These delicious chewy edibles contain 5mg of THCV, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid derived from sativa that delivers a fun and distinct high. THCV is known to provide a focused and energized high, it is a good option for daytime use or in situations where your attention is essential.
  • Lychee | DeeThai Solventless Rosin Infused Gummies- Deethais’s gummies! These solvent-less rosin-infused gummies are made of 100% vegan and gluten-free ingredients. Lychee is a fan favorite for its juicy burst of flavor and long lasting bliss.

Weed Pre-roll Gifts

Here are the best high-quality pre-roll gifts in the district!

  • Clementine Magic Wands 1.5g Flower .25g Live Resin Diamonds Pre Roll sativa- If you want a premium cannabis experience, clementine by Magic Wands is the way to go! Each pre-roll is coated in .25g of the finest live resin diamond. With every puff, you will experience a smooth taste and exceptional flavors. Clementine crosses Tangie and lemon skunk to create a citrus aroma and lemon taste. It’s a strain that provides excellent focus and is energizing.
  • Grapes and Cream Sluggers 5 Pack Infused Pre Roll Hybrid 3.5Indulge in the experience of this exquisite blend of flavor and effects. Sluggers introduces a five-pack of infused pre-rolls made with love and outstanding craftsmanship. The flavors of grape and cream are tantalizing, and the effects make you lean deeper into your seat!

Cannabis Concentrate Gifts

Lastly, look at Dreams WellnesWellness’annabis concentrate gifts in DC!

1 Gram Live Resin Shatter by Imperial Extracts Pure Kush Indica- This 1 gram of live resin shatter is crafted with perfection and is derived with love. To create this concentrated masterpiece, cannabinoids, and terpenes are extracted using a meticulous extraction method that delivers a fantastic cannabis experience. Pure kush is an Indica strain that contains 16% THC and has soothing effects.

Sour Sherbet 1G Live Resin Sauce West Coast Cure Sativa- Enjoy and immerse yourself with 1g of sour sherbert live resin sauce! Sour sherbet delivers the finest flavors and terpene profile. It provides a boost in energy and uplifts your mood.

Dreams Wellness Weed Dispensary DC

Dreams Wellness is a fantastic recreational cannabis dispensary located in Washington, DC. We offer an extensive selection of premium cannabis dispensaries gifts such as edibles, vape pens, flowers, concentrates, and pre-rolls, among other cannabis items, including hybrid, indica, and Sativa strains. We also provide goods with reduced THC and CBD content for first-timers and high THC concentration levels for experienced takers.

Dreams Wellness storefront is a respectable and trustworthy cannabis shop that provides in-store, pick-up, and delivery services in the DMV. Our budtenders are knowledgeable when it comes to cannabis and will help you navigate your way through our menu if you shop in-store! We prioritize client happiness and adhere to Initiative 71, offering free cannabis gifts alongside a valid merchandise order. Dreams Wellness is dedicated to providing its clients with top-notch recreational weed and edibles free of fillers, dyes, and chemicals, ensuring quality and safety. Shop Dreams Wellness to enhance your cannabis experience!


  • How does weed gifting work in DC?

To start, you must be over the age of 21. The next step is to find a local dispensary that follows Initiative 71 laws. Dreams Wellness is the perfect choice for recreational cannabis gifts. Next, browse their menu and pick out a piece of merchandise, such as a t-shirt or stickers, to go with your free cannabis gifts. Purchase your merchandise, and the budtenders will throw in your chosen cannabis gifts to accompany your purchase! It’s as simple as that.

  • What is the best strain of weed in DC?

Dreams Wellness's best strain in DC is biscotti due to its high potency levels and being an OG!

  • Are dispensaries cash-only in DC?

Yes. Dispensaries in DC run on a Cash-Only Basis. Most dispensaries offer an ATM if you leave your cash at home.

  • Where to buy weed in Washington, DC?

Dreams Wellness is your go-to when it comes to a reliable weed dispensary. Dreams Wellness offers a variety of high-quality cannabis, such as edibles, vaporizers, flower, concentrates, and pre-rolls. We prioritize customer satisfaction and are Initiative 71 compliant.

  • What is the purchase limit for weed in Virginia, Maryland, and DC?

The purchase limit for weed Is no more than two ounces per person. In DC, under Initiative 71, it is illegal to sell, purchase, or possess more than 2 ounces at a time per person.

  • Can you Buy Weed in DC without a Medical Card?

Yes, you can buy weed in DC without a medical card. It would be best if you found a trusted recreational dispensary. The only requirement is you must be 21 years or older and possess a valid ID, license, or passport.

  • Can Tourists Buy Weed in DC?

Yes, tourists can buy weed in DC. You do not have to be a DC resident to enjoy recreational bud.

  • What are the top-rated weed dispensaries in Washington, DC, for gifts?

The top-rated weed dispensary in DC is Dreams Wellness. Dreams Wellness is known to be the #1 recreational dispensary in DC because of the exceptional customer service and wide variety of high-quality cannabis products! Pre-order for delivery or pick up for a hassle free way to get your cannabis!

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