Washington DC Dispensary Product - Guide

The nation's capital is well-known for its local, high-quality bud and cannabis products on every corner and its thriving cannabis community. However, with so many products, from pre-rolls to edibles reading through every review and testimonial available can be exhausting. Don't worry; we've done the legwork for you in this simple guide! We'll look at Dreams Wellness and its menu and everything you need to know about purchasing recreational marijuana in D.C. Continue reading to learn about Dreams Wellness's best marijuana products!

The Best Weed Products 

To begin your search for the best products, you must first decide which dispensary you want to visit. Dreams Wellness is a trusted and recreational I-71 cannabis shop in Washington, DC.

Let's look at Dreams Wellness and its top cannabis products!

Dreams Wellness

Dreams Wellness is a local favorite for the best recreational cannabis dispensary. Dreams Wellness is a premium Cannabis, Weed, and CBD gift store, Initiative 71 compliant in Washington DC. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a cannabis enthusiast, don't hesitate to walk in, where their knowledgeable and friendly staff greet you. The staff is eager and happy to assist in selecting the best cannabis for your needs. This dispensary offers in-store and online ordering and has everything you need for a relaxing and uplifting high. With specials often happening, it's hard not to look at their extensive menu. You won't be disappointed if you're looking for the highest-quality cannabis products!

Top Favored Products:


dreams wellness top flower strains

Dreams Wellness and its extensive bud collection will not disappoint when it comes to flower. These strains are of high grade; here are our top recommendations:

Baklava- Baklava is a fan hybrid favorite cannabis flower strain with a potent full-body relaxation effect! The flower is also completely covered in trichomes, making Baklava high quality and effective. Baklava's parents are Kosher Kush and Gelato 41, and it proudly distinguishes itself with a pure O.G. gas and a creamy gelato back end. Try out this fantastic Indica-dominant hybrid from Dreams Wellness!

DojaPak | Helium- Doja is a cannabis hybrid with a high THC concentration. The strain has a sweet, dank flavor and a powerful, pungent aroma. This strain is potent enough for pain reduction, stress, relaxation, and hunger stimulation. This lovely strain will leave you feeling rejuvenated cheerful, and uplifting.

Cherry Fritter- Cherry Fritter is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Cherry Pie and Apple Fritter. Cherry Fritter has 25% THC and 29% total cannabinoids, making it an exceptionally strong and ideal choice for experienced cannabis users! The high THC concentration affects the body instantly, leaving you energetic, euphoric, joyful, and focused. Cherry Fritter can be hard to get, but you can try this bad boy of a strain thanks to Dreams Wellness! It is ideal for use in the evenings and at night since it promotes relaxation and sleepiness, but it may also be used throughout the day!

White Truffle- White Truffle is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. This strain generates a strong head high that will cleanse your thoughts of any worries. White Truffle users describe the high as "calming and slightly buzzy." This strain is best taken after a long day of work or in the evenings to unwind and relax. This crazy indica dominant strain will for sure be one of your favorites for relaxing!


dreams wellness top edibles

Dreams Wellness has you covered if you're searching for tasty discreet cannabis-infused treats. With so many options on their menu (all of which are fantastic), these are their top edibles:

Kiva S'mores- Kiva S'mores is a cannabis-infused milk chocolate bar stacked with delicious marshmallow pieces and crunchy graham cracker chunks. This delicious bar contains 5MG of THC in each piece, and with how good it tastes, you'll want s'more! Stop by Dreams and grab a Kiva S'more bar to fix your sweet tooth and cannabis craving.

Kiva Churro- This deliciously pleasing milk chocolate bar is dusted with cinnamon sugar and tastes like a golden, fried churro dipped in decadent hot chocolate. This bar will have your tastebuds singing with pleasure while providing an incredible high. These bars are made from high-quality chocolate infused with pure water hash for a deep, rich, complex taste and cannabis experience.

Mello Bars- This is for you if you want a delicious edible that hits you hard! Mello bars are a rice-crispy cannabis-infused punch in the face, and there's a reason why locals love them. These bars contain four 125mg servings, and you'll feel the following side effects: mellowness, laughter, good vibes, happiness, and creativity, and you will get the munchies!

Strawberry Lemonade Gummies- These are amazing if you're searching for rosin-infused gummies! They feature a delectable strawberry lemonade taste profile that will sweep you off your feet! Because these gummies aren't made with ordinary distillate, they are more potent and quickly absorbed by the body. The Hash Rosin terpenes help your body to interact synergistically with THC, ensuring that this high feels precisely the same every time! Try these out the next time you visit Dreams Wellness; you won't be disappointed!


top concentrates and carts

Looking for the perfect concentrate, Dreams Wellness only carries the finest live rosin products. Rosin's quality draws customers in since it gives a rich, deep, and influential high experience. Here are the top concentrates available at Dreams:

Baby Banana Live Rosin- This concentrate is 2 grams of pure Premium washed soil grown Live Rosin. Baby Banana is known for being a creeper, and you'll become nearly comatose before intense hunger and sleepiness set in. This live Rosin is a favorite at Dreams Wellness and is the perfect concentrate for those who can handle high THC levels. Don't be shy; try out this bad boy and see the hype!

Gary Payton Live Rosin- Gary Payton is 2 grams of an Indica-dominant concentrate. It leaves many users with a calm bliss that makes them content and productive. Gary Payton is a great strain to try out if you're stressed or sad. This live Rosin is favored here at Deams Wellness since It instantly relaxes you and leaves you with nothing but a grin!

Black Garlic Live Rosin- Black Garlic is an excellent cannabis live Rosin for evening use or before bed. This powerful 2-gram Indica dominant Rosin will have you running through your pantry with intense munchies! Some users claim they are still functional, while others say it leaves them couch-locked and sends them straight to bed. This strain is highly potent, and caution is advised since it is stronger than most and recommended for moderate to experienced cannabis users. Test out this amazing potent Live Rosin only at Dreams Wellness!


Do you want a discreet and minimal-effort smoking experience? Dreams Wellness has you covered. Exclusively selling high-quality disposable pens for your convenience. Here is a list of their most popular carts:

Gelato 41 Disposable- This Gelato Live Resin disposable pen is made entirely of high-quality resin. You'll be transported to the tropics with just one hit of this strain. The putrid stench is strong enough to tingle your taste buds, swirling with notes of ripe pineapple and ginger. Earthy, funky, and mighty in every way. Make sure to grab this potent high, quality disposable if you're in the area; Dreams Wellness products never disappoint!

Oz Kush Disposable- OZ Kush has forgiving highs that soothe without sedating, making it ideal for beginners. It is most effective for pain relief and if you do not intend to do anything requiring attention or mental power. After a few hits of this OZ Kush cart, your mental abilities will get substantially slow; therefore isn't recommended before anything important. It is ideal for therapeutic activities such as going out for nature walks, going public, and watching movies. You can't go wrong with this strain during the evening. Many Dreams Wellness users love using this disposable to unwind after a long day at work.

Banana Fuel Disposable- Banana Fuel .5g disposable generates a strong head high that will get your creative juices flowing. It's a Sativa-dominant hybrid giving users the case of giggles with a razor-sharp focus and a side of munchies. It's used to treat depression, mood disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, irritability, nausea, chronic pain, and sleeplessness, among other things. Customers at Dreams Wellness favor this disposable since it is discreet and perfect for daytime activities with friends due to the nonstop laughs.

Choosing The Best Products

Now that we've gone through some of Dreams Wellness's top cannabis goods in each category, it's up to you to decide which is right for you. If you're new to town or smoking for the first time, it might be tough to find the right high-quality cannabis product. We hope our top product guide assists you in selecting your ideal Dreams Wellness gift. Stopping by the shop for more guidance is a fantastic idea, and the staff is always thrilled to inform you of all the goods offered to help you find the best product!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the shop today!


How old do you need to be to buy weed from a D.C. dispensary? 

In Washington, DC, you must be 21+ with a valid I.D. to purchase recreational marijuana from an I-71 shop.

Do you need a medical card when buying weed at a dispensary? 

Dreams Wellness does not require a Medical Card. A medical card is only required if you intend to purchase from a local medical marijuana dispensary.

Do I have to be a resident of D.C.?

You do not have to be a D.C. resident to buy marijuana in D.C. All you need is a valid 21+ I.D. Most recreational dispensaries, such as Dreams Wellness, do not turn away potential customers because they have a different state-issued I.D.

Where can I consume cannabis? 

Cannabis can be consumed on your property or in some regions of D.C. Keep in mind that 29% of D.C. is covered by federal land not permitted to be smoked on. Numerous smoking-friendly lounges, bars, and even 4/20-friendly Air B&Bs exist.

How much weed can I legally purchase in D.C.?

Although it is still a crime under federal law, it is not a crime in D.C. for adults 21 and older to possess two ounces or less of marijuana.

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