The Best Dupont Dispensary in DC - 2021

Whether you live in the nation’s capital or spend a short time in DC while visiting, the District’s high-strung hustle and bustle are often unavoidable. There is no better way to slow your roll and enjoy downtime in DC than by hitting up one of the local cannabis dispensaries. But with so many dispensary options to choose from, it is essential to know what exactly sets apart the best from the rest. There’s a lot to consider when picking out the top marijuana dispensary, but we’ve got the inside scoop on a dispensary in Dupont Circle that you won’t want to miss out on. Factors such as product affordability, quality customer service, convenient online ordering, and the consistent contribution to DC’s cannabis community have people raving about Dreams Wellness Dispensary. Dreams Wellness is an I-71 compliant dispensary located in Dupont Circle that supplies DC’s cannabis community with top-grade cannabis and many other products containing THC, such as prerolls, edibles, and weed vapes. Continue reading to learn the process of obtaining recreational weed in DC and the benefits of shopping with Dreams Wellness.

When living in the nation’s capital gets too hectic, there’s no better way to relax than by hitting up one of the local dispensaries. 

With so many options to choose from, what sets the best Dupont dispensary apart? 

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The Best Spot for Washington DC, Dupont Circle Marijuana 

It used to be hard to find weed in DC, but a lot has changed since then. Since Initiative 71 entered the picture, the world of marijuana in DC exploded. And with the rise of a thriving weed scene in the city, there are plenty of dispensaries to choose from. 

That being said, not just any Dupont dispensary can make the cut. 

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A great spot for Dupont marijuana isn’t just one that can offer you high-quality bud. It also needs to be a safe, reliable, and trustworthy storefront that shows compliance with the I-71 gifting regulations. You need all the cannabis safety without sacrificing the cannabis quality. 

The right Dupont dispensary should also offer a wide range of options, including flower, vapes, gummies, topicals, other edibles, and a variety of strains. It should also be convenient, allowing you to walk in or call to get pick-ups no matter your schedule. 

Last, but certainly not least, it should be affordable. Finding top-quality weed with an affordable price tag isn’t easy in Dupont circle, but it can be done. That’s where my top spot for buying and smoking Dupont marijuana comes in. 

Why Dreams Wellness DC Dispensary is The Best

For the Best Weed in DC, look no further. Dreams Wellness is a safe, reliable, and trustworthy storefront offering one of the most expansive product menus in all of Washington DC. This dispensary shows compliance with the I-71 gifting regulations and keeps its practices clean and free from the enforcement of punitive measures. Dreams Wellness dispensary has quickly risen to the top of the DC’s best dispensary list for all the right reasons. 

Premium Herb at Affordable Prices

Finding dispensary weed with an affordable price tag isn’t easy in the Dupont Circle, but thankfully, it can be done. And when you shop Dreams Wellness, affordable cannabis doesn’t have to mean lower quality bud. Each type of flower offered by Dreams Wellness is a unique and premium cannabis strain. However, the prices of these strains remain reliably reasonable.

Aside from product pricing, they also offer regular deals to help cut down on the total cost. First-time customers with Dreams Wellness get 10% off of their entire order. When you leave a review about your Dreams Wellness experience, you can get an additional 5% off your order. Dreams Wellness shoppers don’t have to choose between low-quality cannabis or an empty wallet. You deserve prime weed, a potent high, at no financial stress.  

One of the Largest In-Store Cannabis Product Menus

Weed Product Selection DC

The first thing cannabis shoppers look for in a good dispensary is product value and variation within the shop. With a long list of available strains and a wide variety of products containing cannabis, the likelihood of growing bored with the shop is low. Luckily, Dreams Wellness offers one of the most extensive gifted items menu in all of DC. Everything you could possibly need from a DC dispensary is at Dreams Wellness. Below is a list of products you can expect when shopping with Dreams Wellness. 

Premium Flower

Dreams Wellness Dispensary maintains a massive selection of cannabis strains. However, Dreams Wellness offers more than just a range of strains. They often provide rare, exotic, and desirable strains options surpassing the standard smoking experience. And, for consumers experiencing physical pain, CBD strains offered at Dreams Wellness are likely to help provide relief. 


The preroll list at Dreams Wellness is seemingly neverending. They have preroll joints, and preroll blunts. Additionally, they offer concentrate infused versions of both preroll types. If you find rolling a chore or you need an easy way to smoke with friends, shop for prerolls at Dreams Wellness today. 


For those who love a cleaner and more flavorful alternative to smoking flower, Dreams Wellness offers concentrates that help consumers have the best dabbing experience. Whether you are looking for cannabis crumble, weed butter, keif, or oil, Dreams Wellness has it all. Stop in soon to pick out your next new favorite dabs.


The edibles offered at Dreams Wellness are widely tasty and come in various flavors and types. Some consumers enjoy the cannabis-infused chocolate bars, while others swear by the dispensary’s gummy selection. The next time you are in the mood for a yummy treat with potent effects, look at the edibles available at Dreams Wellness. 

Knowledgeable and Friendly Budtenders 

The Dispensary staff is reliable and accommodating when looking for an answer to customer questions. These employees are well trained in product awareness to assist shoppers in finding the best cannabis products to fit their needs. If you are hesitant about trying a product for the first time, speak with the staff to gain additional knowledge.

A Dupont Dispensary With Deals

Affordable cannabis doesn’t have to mean lower quality. Everything at Dreams Wellness is premium, and yet it's still attainable with almost any budget. 

Not only is everything in-store already a reasonable price, but they also offer regular deals to help cut down on the cost. First- time customers get 10% off of their entire order. When you leave a review about your Dreams Wellness experience, you can get another 5% off your order. Good luck finding another Dupont dispensary with these types of deals.

Now you can buy weed in bulk without sacrificing your smoking experience — or your wallet. You deserve clean, potent, and tasty products without breaking the bank. 

More Than Just Dupont Circle Weed

Having a good variety of weed strains is one thing. But the right Dupont Circle dispensary offers more than just a range of strains. They should offer you options that go beyond your standard flower. 

Dreams Wellness doesn't just cater to smokers. For those who love a cleaner and more flavorful alternative to smoking flower, they offer concentrates for a powerful dabbing experience. For those who prefer the good old-fashioned edible — with a slow-acting but intense high — they offer sour edible gummies in all your favorite flavors. 

DC Weed Delivery at Dreams is Coming Soon!

Currently, shoppers can order online for pick up or walk-in to shop in-store. However, soon, Dreams Wellness will be incorporating a delivery service. If you have a tight schedule or cannot leave your home or office, the Dreams Wellness Delivery option will save time, effort, and, most importantly, your day! 

Things To Do Near Dupont Circle After

So you’ve stopped by your favorite Dupont dispensary and picked up the goods — maybe you’ve even sampled some of it. Now what? 

It’s time to explore everything that DC Dupont Circle has to offer. It’s not just a popular residential neighborhood. This area is full of lively daytime experiences. From eclectic eateries and coffee shops to the stately buildings on Embassy Row, there’s something here for everyone. 

Relax in the Park

What better way to unwind with your new purchase than by enjoying some well-earned relaxation time? Check out the Dupont Circle fountain, one of the most iconic landmarks just outside the National Mall. It’s a gathering place where you might find people from all over the city — tourists, musicians, writers, lovers, and more. 

If you’ve had your fill of people watching at the fountain, try lounging at the Spanish Steps between S Street and Decatur Place. This hidden gem in Dupont Circle is the perfect place for a relaxed afternoon of reading or picnicking in the shade.   

Tour the Sights of Embassy Row 

Hit the streets of DC by foot and explore the magnificent mansions and townhouses of Embassy Row. This fashionable neighborhood was once home to the wealthiest of the city until the beautiful structures were repurposed by foreign embassies. Take a self-guided tour and enjoy the beautiful buildings, cultural and social sights, and deep history at the center of the diplomatic community. 

Explore the History and Culture of Dupont Circle

There’s no shortage of historical sites, museums, and more in the area of Dupont Circle. You can take a tour of President Woodrow Wilson’s home, which still looks just as it did in the 1920s. Or explore Revolutionary-era books, manuscripts, maps, and more at the Anderson House. 

If you’re a bit more artistically inclined (or feeling inspired by your weed exploration), try America’s first museum of modern art. The Phillips Collection displays a collection of Impressionist and modern paintings inside of a stunning Georgian Revival mansion. 

Hit Up an Iconic Bookstore 

Washington DC is already well-known for its books, but Dupont Circle is home to a landmark indie bookstore that you could spend hours in. Maybe it’d be an even greater experience if you’re high from the Dupont dispensary goodies.

Its carefully curated collection includes novels, essays, literature, travel guides, and more. Once you’ve had your fill of books, you can fill up on food from their upscale cafe. 

Go For a Shopping Spree

Go shopping in style down Connecticut Avenue, which is full of retailers like H&M, Gap, and local shops offering jewelry, clothes, accessories, and more. From high-end to affordable, you can find anything you need for a shopping trip all within walking distance. You can even take a hit of your goods from the Dupont dispensary before your fun walk around.

Things To Do in Dupont Circle At Night 

So you’ve found yourself in Dupont Circle after-hours or maybe you decided to stick around to enjoy the nightlife after visiting your favorite Dupont dispensary. The Dupont Circle area has everything you could ask for in dive bars, dance clubs, shows, and more. 

Head out for a night on the town by yourself or with friends. Try some of the drinks at the various bars and eateries, or take your chance to enjoy the buzz from your Dreams Wellness cannabis. 

To unwind after a long day, some of the most popular comedy shows can be found at DC Improv. If getting down on the dance floor is more your thing, Eighteenth Street Lounge is one of the hottest and most exclusive night spots in DC with high ceilings, a dance floor, and a DJ.

For a more casual night out, try one of the 27 varieties of beer on tap at The Big Hunt. If you’re an avid golfer, you might enjoy Swingers Crazy Golf Bar, where you can enjoy some drinks, watch people play, or even try out a few swings yourself. 

DC Weed Delivery at Dreams is Coming Soon!

Currently, shoppers can order online for pick up or walk-in to shop in-store. However, soon, Dreams Wellness will be incorporating a delivery service. If you have a tight schedule or cannot leave your home or office, the Dreams Wellness Delivery option will save time, effort, and, most importantly, your day!  

Finest Dupant Dispensary in D.C.

In DC, it is common to experience dispensaries that overprice cannabis, offer low-quality bud, and provide less-than-ideal customer service. But when finding a worthwhile cannabis shop spot, Dreams Wellness stands out as the best dispensary in Dupont, DC. It has everything you’re looking for in a Dupont Circle marijuana dispensary: top-quality cannabis, a wide range of products, high convenience, and affordable deals. So, the next time you’re on your way home from work or enjoying the sights of the city, swing by Dreams Wellness DC and experience the Dupont marijuana difference.