How to Get Weed in DC

When exploring the nation’s capital, you might be wondering where you can easily buy high-quality weed. Lucky for you, Washington DC has become a safe haven for both first-timers and cannabis cnnoisseurs. As one of the pioneering East Coast states to decriminalize recreational cannabis, DC has become a cultural hotspot for exciting weed festivals, unique pop-ups, and emerging flower strains from local budtenders. If you’re wondering about the colorful weed scene in DC, then today’s the perfect day to start reading up on how to buy weed in DC.

Can You Buy Weed in DC? 

Yes, you can very much buy weed in DC! Whether you’re in the mood for recreational marijuana or medical marijuana, DC is chock full of great flower strains and expert budtenders that can walk you through the entire process. In this handy article, we’re giving you everything you need to know about the legality of Initiative 71 and tips on how to get weed in DC. But where does one buy weed in DC?

With countless dispensaries to choose from, there’s no use in wasting time on low-quality bud and terrible customer service. This article serves as a list of trustworthy dispensaries you can visit based on anecdotes and reviews. That being said, this guide is perfect for any weed lover looking for a good time in the District of Columbia. 

Is Weed Legal in DC? 

The short answer is yes! Weed has been legal in Washington DC for quite some time now thanks to Initiative 71 that was passed in 2014. According to this rule, adults 21 and above can legally possess, gift, and grow their own cannabis. However, the technicalities and guidelines of this policy can get confusing.

Simply put, any adult aged 21 or older has the right to own and carry up to 2 ounces of marijuana. They can also share or gift up to 1 ounce of weed with another adult that is also 21 and above. 

If you’re interested in becoming self-sufficient in growing your own weed, Washington DC allows growers to cultivate a maximum of six plants and only three of those six plants can grow into maturity. This number doubles, however, if you have another eligible adult living in the household. While this can be difficult to pull off for short-term visitors, DC residents can easily become growers for personal use.

While medical weed faces zero qualms within cannabis laws, Initiative 71 doesn’t explicitly permit the buying or selling of recreational marijuana in DC. This might seem confusing if it’s the first time you’re encountering the concept. To circumvent the legal technicalities of enjoying weed, the community in DC has created the gifting culture, which will be essential to your buying experience.

But how does the DC gifting system even work? Read on to learn more about how you can easily partake in this exciting and thriving community.

Washington DC Dispensary Rules 

washington dc dispensary rules

There are two kinds of dispensaries in DC: medical and recreational dispensaries. For medical dispensaries, you’ll need to acquire a temporary medical card. For a certain fee, you can opt to apply for certification that will give you 30 days of access to medical marijuana around the state.

However, if you’re only visiting for a couple of days, it might not make much sense to pay an extra fee for a month’s worth of medical cannabis. For recreational weed, any tourist aged 21 or older can easily obtain weed, edibles, gummies, distillates, and weed vape carts in the nation’s capital through the gifting system.

Recreational dispensaries have different ways of approaching the gifting system, such as selling digital art pieces, virtual tokens, t-shirts, street art and music, and so much more. You’ll have to buy the store’s merchandise first and the dispensary will offer the weed and other forms of cannabis as a “free” gift.

While it’s called a gift or giveaway by the dispensary, you’ll still be able to choose exactly what cannabis gift you’ll be getting. So because you’re technically buying a piece of art or music, the gifting system serves as a perfectly legal loophole into getting whatever cannabis your heart desires.

Even if you’re not buying weed, most dispensaries take the proper precautions to only serve legal adults above the age of 21. Before entering a weed dispensary, make sure that you have a legal ID that can vouch for your age. Most dispensaries allow for walk-ins, while others will be a purely virtual service where you can call in advanced for a curbside pick-up or weed delivery.

Places To Smoke Weed in DC 

Sadly, smoking weed in DC takes some research and double checking before lighting up a joint. Since nearly a third of DC is considered federal property, it can be confusing as to where you can legally partake in some cannabis. 

The first place where you can smoke weed without worrying at all would be private property, such as your own home or a friend’s place. As long as you’re not directly blowing weed smoke into someone else’s property, you should be perfectly fine.

Another special fact about Washington DC is that there are 420-friendly hotels and Airbnbs. These unique accommodations take 420-friendly to a whole new level. A simple Google search will lead you to short-term rentals that will take the initiative to provide you joints upon arrival and connections to local budtenders.

Outside of your living quarters is a different story altogether. You’ll have to know exactly where to hang out and enjoy some good ‘ol cannabis. While public smoking isn’t technically allowed, there are a few spots that have become a regular place for weed lovers. For instance, there are a select few nightclubs that will let you rip a joint whenever you want. The same goes for cafes, bars, restaurants, and event spaces. 

Other well-known examples would be the U Street Alley or Congressional Cemetery. Adams Morgan is also generally considered a 420-friendly neighborhood that you can try out. Don’t be surprised if you see fellow smokers here as well! 

While these are known for being generally lenient, it’ll still be best to be on the lookout for any officers and law enforcement.

Where You Can't Smoke Weed in DC 

Before lighting up your joint, make sure you know where to do it without running into law enforcement.

One of the most common misconceptions is that you can smoke up in your car worry-free. Sadly, cars aren’t entirely considered private property, which means you can still get in trouble for smoking in your car.

Another obvious place where you can’t smoke weed is any piece of land or property that is considered federal land. Even if you’re just taking a hit from a vape pen, expect to have more federal officers watching out for offenders in culturally significant places such as the Smithsonian, Fort Dupont Park, The White House, and the entirety of National Mall. 

If you’re explicitly caught smoking in any of these spaces, then you can get arrested and jailed for up to 60 days. Alternatively, you could be charged with a hefty fine of $500. The repercussions of being caught are certainly not worth the hassle, so make sure you know the rules before lighting up in public!

Best DC Recreational Weed Stores 

Now that you’re up to speed on the rules of the land, the next big question is where’s the best place to score some weed? This directory of recreational dispensaries have been tried and tested for their product quality, variety of strains, and overall service. As lovers of the craft, we prioritize finding the best experiences for newcomers and old-timers to enjoy. Whether its a delivery service or a brick-and-mortar shop, we’re excited to share where you can buy high quality cannabis in the area.

Dreams Wellness

dreams wellness store

This Dupont DC weed shop offers the best weed you can enjoy in the nation’s capital. Dreams Wellness specializes in both indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis products, such as pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, vaporizers, and designer collaborations. You can also stock up on much-needed accessories such as pipes and grinders for all your weed-loving needs!

dreams wellness products

This initiative 71 compliant smoke shop is best known for their Snow Caps, Hybrid DojaPak, and The High Mobile Rolling Tray. Not only will you get to enjoy the freshest and most premium weed in the area, you’ll also get to walk out with an amazing piece of original artwork!

With over 900 stellar reviews on Google, Dreams Wellness has definitely earned a positive reputation among DC residents for its consistently great product offering and excellent customer service. With knowledgable staff members, any newcomer is bound to feel comfortable exploring this smoke shop’s wide variety of products.

If you’re going to be visiting DC several times in the foreseeable future, then sign up for Dreams Wellness’ membership program! Signing up gives you access to a loyalty rewards card that’ll get you special deals and discounts that are exclusive to members!

With its outstanding product selection and amazing reviews, Dreams Wellness is a unique weed dispensary that you definitely can’t miss!

Firehouse DC

Located on U Street, Firehouse DC is just the place to go if you’re looking to have a good time in DC. Whether or not you have a medical marijuana card, Firehouse DC offers everyone an impressive selection of original blends and designer brands. 

Firehouse DC stands out for its most well-known products: psilocybin-infused products and magic mushrooms! Why miss out on the chance to retell the story of how you got high on Firehouse DC’s magic mushroom chocolate? So if you’re looking for a particularly out of this world experience, then you know where exactly to go!

This weed gift shop also offers a great selection of vape cartridges, edibles, concentrates, and other CBD products. With expertly picked products full of flavor, Firehouse DC is definitely a weed dispensary to check out. Any adult aged 21 and older can easily shop online or check out their menu in their physical store.

Top Level DC

Located in Tenlytown, Washington DC, Top Level DC has built itself a name among DC residents and tourists. With unique art prints and high-quality weed gifts, Top Level DC provides each customer with a memorable experience and product that’ll keep you coming back for.

With a particularly diverse set of products, Top Level DC is open to gifting weed connoseiurs with premium flower, pre-rolls, wax, live resin, CBD tinctures, and other THC products. With more than 800 verified reviews, Top Level makes it especially simple to get weed in DC without worrying about any run-ins with the law. 

If you’re interested in checking out Top Level, you’ll certainly be glad you did! It’s worth noting that Top Level can only gift you up to one ounce of weed within 24 hours in order to remain Initiative 71 compliant.


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