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Learn about the decriminalization of magic mushrooms in Washington D.C. and where to find the best shop for magic mushrooms.

I-81 Decriminalizes Natural Psychedelics in DC

Initiative 81 was approved in Washington, DC, in the year 2020. According to The Encyclopedia of American Politics, DC law enforcement shall treat the possession or consumption of entheogenic plants and fungi as a low-priority crime. Entheogenic refers to plants and mushrooms containing entheogens; psychoactive chemicals that alter perception, mood, and cognitive function. But there are hundreds of entheogenic plants and fungi! Which of these substances are recognized by I-81?

D.C. Defines Entheogenic Substances as Plants or Fungi Containing:

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  • Ibogaine
  • Dimethyltryptamine
  • Mescaline
  • Psilocybin
  • Psilocybin 

Are Shrooms ‘Legal’ in D.C.

There is a difference between decriminalization and legalization. Knowing the difference between these two concepts is essential for understanding how the psilocybin mushroom rules work in D.C. I-81 calls for the non-commercial cultivation, distribution, possession, and use of entheogenic plants and fungi as one of the lowest law enforcement priorities. The approval of this ballot initiative brings entheogenic substances like magic mushrooms much closer to becoming decriminalized in D.C. However, these substances are still illegal federally. And since the I-81 D.D. Ballot only specifies non-commercial distribution. The local magic mushroom community uses D.C.’s gifting system to obtain shrooms. This gifting system allows participants to float above the District’s Entheogenic Substance laws. 

How the Magic Mushroom “Gifting” Market Works

Since I-81 only specifies the partial-legal-acceptance of entheogenic plants and fungi, there were a few obstacles to work around in the active boom of D.C. shroom culture. A commonly asked question from D.C. residents and out-of-state visitors looking to obtain psilocybin products in D.C. is, “If I can’t legally purchase shrooms, how do I leave the store with them?” Thanks to D.C.’s Gifting Market, Adults 21+ can obtain psilocybin mushrooms within a number of the District’s cannabis shops and dispensaries. These shops exchange cannabis and shroom products as a gift for purchasing a sticker or a piece of contemporary art.

D.C.’s gifting market first began after the approval of Initiative 71, which allowed for lawful possession and use of cannabis for personal use. I-71 made cannabis more accessible to D.C.’s cannabis community. However, this initiative did not legalize the selling or purchasing of recreational cannabis. So, the cannabis community instated D.C.’s infamous gifting market. This market eagerly integrated psilocybin products into their gift menus after the approval of I-81. Learning how to buy cannabis in D.C. through their gifting market will help you better understand the method of obtaining D.C. shrooms.

4 Steps to Obtaining Shrooms in D.C.

1.Meet DC’s Age and Reciprocity Requirements

You must be 21 years or older to order items from a D.C. dispensary. You must also possess an I.D. or license from a state encompassed by The District’s scope of reciprocity. This reciprocity is extended to most U.S. states that have at least partially decriminalized cannabis possession.

  1. Enter a shroom-friendly DC Cannabis Dispensary

Shops like Dreams Wellness have expert staff that can answer any questions or concerns you may have about consuming products containing psilocybin and starting your magic mushroom journey. 

  1. Review the Gift Menu

Make sure you read about these products and what substances they contain. Consult staff if you need help finding an appropriate starting dose and strain.

  1. Receive a Purchasing Gift of Psilocybin Shrooms

Purchase non-psychoactive items at the dispensary and leave with the psilocybin gifts of your choice.


What’s the “Magic” in Magic Mushrooms?

whats the magic in magic mushrooms

There are many different strains of entheogenic mushrooms containing psilocybin. Each strain provides unique and varying effects. Many variables impact effects beyond strain types as well. Even if you were to cultivate two batches of the same species using the same spore collection, their potency and effects would vary depending on growing conditions, time of harvest, drying/preserving methods, and even the unique chemistry of individual consumers.

Due to the unique strains and numerous effects, it is important to read up on psilocybin before consuming products containing this substance; not only to obtain knowledge on the consumption recommendations but to also gain respect for the early foragers who put in the fieldwork to identify and test these entheogenic plants and fungi. Without their deep environmental wisdom and courageous venturing, we would not know the magic of these mushrooms today!

Shrooms as Plant-Medicine for Mental Health

People have been using hallucinogenic and psychedelic plants/fungi as medicine for many, many years. Indigenous cultures consumed psilocybin mushrooms during ancient spiritual ceremonies or individual journeys of emotional healing. In modern U.S. science, we continue the research of psilocybin and its spiritual/therapeutic benefits. Many consumers experiencing harmful drug addiction report that psilocybin consumption leads to reduced cravings and less-severe withdrawal symptoms. 

An article on The Therapeutic Effects of Psilocybin was published in the National Library of Medicine. This article discusses a small open-label study involving the consumption of psilocybin by patients experiencing treatment-resistant depression. These patients reported reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety after three months and two acute doses.

Psilocybin mushrooms recently became legal for therapeutic use in Oregon. The first U.S. psilocybin therapy program will commence in early 2023. As the U.S. laws become more entheogenic-friendly and our understanding of these substances progresses, psilocybin mushrooms will soon become more widely accepted and easily accessible. 


Effects of Psilocybin 

With lighter doses of psilocybin, consumers may experience heightened mood, visual vibrancy, euphoria, hopefulness, and physical relaxation. With heavier doses of psilocybin, consumers have reported introspection, trauma processing, visual hallucinations, altered cognitive function, and the distortion of perception. 

Sometimes the consumption of shrooms can cause stomach pain, nausea, and sometimes even vomiting. To best avoid these symptoms, avoid psilocybin consumption on an empty stomach. Also, consider consuming psilocybin in small amounts once or twice before increasing your intake. This precaution will allow your body to build a digestive tolerance to the mild toxins in psilocybin mushrooms. 

Where to Buy Quality Shrooms in D.C.

Dreams Wellness is a premium D.C. dispensary with a lengthy list of quality cannabis and shroom gift items. Stop by this magic mushroom must-visit dispensary if you are interested in obtaining psilocybin products in D.C. Mingle with D.C.’s mushroom community and shop shrooms at Dreams Wellness today! To better understand where and how to get psilocybin in D.C., take a deep dive on How to Buy Shrooms in D.C.  

To Cap it off

After reviewing the District’s laws on entheogenic plants and fungi, examining D.C.’s “Gifting” Market, and describing the step-by-step process of obtaining shrooms in D.C., we hope you are gearing up to start your magic mushroom journey! If we left any questions unanswered or concerns unaddressed, stop by Dreams Wellness in D.C. Their expert staff can recommend products and doses for those unfamiliar with fungi and seasoned shroom heads alike.

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