DC Weed Ultimate Guide: Best of 2021

While recreational marijuana was legalized in Washington DC in 2015, buying DC weed still isn’t an easy task.

Unlike in other states where recreational pot is legal—like California or Colorado—buying weed in Washington DC isn’t quite as simple as dropping by a DC dispensary.

Even though cannabis possession is legal in the district, Initiative 71 prohibits the sale of marijuana.

That doesn’t mean DC weed smokers can’t get their hands on joints, flowers, edibles, concentrates, and everything in between. Before you stock up on weed in DC, it’s worth taking a moment to read up on the DC cannabis laws and regulations.

Let’s take a deep dive into how to buy marijuana in DC.

3 Things You Need to Know to Safely Buy Marijuana in DC

Marijuana might be perfectly legal for DC smokers, but might be hard to find if you don’t know the right places to look. Without the traditional dispensaries, figuring out how to buy safe and reputable DC marijuana can be even more confusing.

With this guide, we’ve got you covered. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of DC weed laws like Initiative 71, as well as where to turn to find authentic and premium products.

Understanding Initiative 71: The Grey Area

Is weed legal in DC? The short answer: Yes, but it’s not quite that simple.

While states across the country are beginning to legalize recreational cannabis, DC still sits in a grey area. Initiative 71 (I71) allows anyone over the age of 21 to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, transfer up to one ounce to another person with no money exchanged, and grow up to six plants at a time.

This means that possession was legalized, but you still can’t buy or sell weed in DC. There are currently no dispensaries in Washington DC, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still getting their hands on weed.

Cannabis brands and shops can get around the law by selling a variety of products—like hats, shirts, stickers, art prints, or smoke supplies—and adding on the cannabis as a “gift.” They can also “gift” the cannabis in exchange for a donation.

As a DC resident, I saw how the passage of I71 completely revived the cannabis scene in our nation’s capital. A whole new world of cannabis gifting has emerged from the law, making it easy for me to find the products I love—even if we have to get creative about the ways we buy them.

Recognizing Quality With Weed in DC

Buying weed in DC isn’t just about legality. It’s also about buying top-quality bud without getting ripped off by inauthentic brands.

Some vendors have been taking advantage of the confusing cannabis laws in DC—selling fake, low-quality, and watered-down products to consumers. Many of the vape cartridges available in DC are wrapped in counterfeit packaging or even watered-down with distillates to stretch out their supply.

Even if the products are authentic, the market is full of low-quality cannabis. Only purchase from a source that appears trusted, clean, and professional. Keep an eye out for sketchy-looking or unprofessional storefronts or vendors.

Avoiding DC Weed Pop Up Stores ‌

As the DC weed market has grown post-I71, a new sort of Washington DC dispensary has emerged: pop-up stores and events.

However, these unregulated vendors might do you more harm than good. Not only are the prices always marked up, but the cannabis might be low on THC or even diluted with other products.

These places are not Initiative 71 compliant, meaning you’re more likely to get ripped off, or even witness a police raid.

My own experiences at a DC weed pop-up event a few years ago started with a sketchy sports bar and a few home-made edible samples. I ended the night with an empty wallet and a bag of disappointing, low-quality bud. If you’re looking for weed in DC, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Where to Buy Pot in DC Legally and Safely

While there’s a shadier side to the cannabis scene, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to explore Washington DC marijuana legally and safely.

When shopping for new products, there are a few things you need to look for: reliability, honesty, and professionalism. Most importantly, they should be upfront about what they offer and what goes into their products.

Getting Weed in DC From a Safe, Trustworthy, and Reputable Storefront

‌In such an uncertain market, finding the right DC weed store isn’t easy. But if you’re looking for trustworthy and reputable, look no further than Dreams Wellness.

Dreams Wellness brings a clean, safe, and professional experience to the DC market. The friendly and knowledgeable staff maintain I71 guidelines while guiding you through the wide range of products on their shelves.

Most importantly, Dreams Wellness sells the most premium weed that DC has to offer. This isn’t just a slogan—it’s a fact. Our high-grade cannabis products and goodies are unmatched in the DC area.

Learning How to Buy Weed in DC the Right Way

When you step through the door at Dreams Wellness, our friendly staff will help you through the process. Still, an important part of buying from DC weed stores is knowing how to ask for it.

Because of I71, using the right terminology is the only safe way to buy weed in DC. Instead of walking in and asking to buy weed, you need to first ask for the merchandise that the store sells, like an art print. Once you buy this item—at the exact price the weed would normally cost—you can get your cannabis product as a gift.

Finding Weed in DC: The Bottom Line

‌Despite the ban on Washington DC dispensaries, finding weed in DC isn’t just possible—it can be enjoyable too. Once you find a safe and reliable brand, you might be just a few hours away from lighting up a pre-roll, packing a bowl, or taking an edible.

With all the sketchy places out there selling pot in DC, Dreams Wellness has set out to change the game. With a warm and professional experience, a beautifully designed location, and only the finest weed, we’re putting trustworthiness back on the table.

Ready to see what the best of DC has to offer? Take a look at our shop to browse some of our top products or come visit us in person to see what we’re about.