Truffles | Hi Octane | Splitz Diamond Edition | 3.5

By Splitz


Strain & Effects


Splitz: The Ultimate Cannabis Experience Discover the pinnacle of cannabis enjoyment with Splitz, specially crafted for enthusiasts who demand the best. Each jar of Splitz contains 3.5 grams of premium THC diamond concentrate, delivering an exceptional high with every use. What sets Splitz apart is its unique blend of two strain flavors in one jar, offering a mind-blowing fusion of tastes and effects. Why Choose Splitz? Premium Quality: Authentic Metrc California dispensary product, ensuring top-tier quality and accountability. Lab Tested: 100% lab tested by California Metrc for guaranteed purity and potency. Unique Blend: Two distinct strain flavors in one jar for a unique and exhilarating experience. Elevate your cannabis experience with Splitz, the go-to brand for those seeking superior quality and unparalleled enjoyment. Order now and discover the ultimate in cannabis excellence.

I-71 Compliant

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