Pwincess Peach | Sluggers 5 Pack Infused Pre Roll | Hybrid | 3.5

By Sluggers x Pwincess Cutt


Strain & Effects


An exclusive collaboration between Sluggers and Pwincess Cut, presenting the exquisite hybrid strain, Pwincess Peach. This unique partnership combines Sluggers' expertise in crafting premium cannabis pre-rolls with the distinct qualities of Pwincess Peach from the Pwincess Cut line. Each package contains five carefully rolled pre-rolls, offering a total of 3.5 grams of this exceptional hybrid strain. Prepare for a delightful experience where the best characteristics of Pwincess Peach shine through—an inviting blend of balanced effects and a tantalizing flavor profile. Whether enjoyed solo or shared, these pre-rolls promise a harmonious journey into the world of hybrids, blending relaxation and upliftment in every puff.

I-71 Compliant

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