Highuasca | CBX | Hybrid

By Cannabiotix


Strain & Effects


A holy matrimony between cult classic White Walker OG and new school staple Cereal Milk, this visionary cultivar offers a powerfully moving, next-level experience. Heavy on the gas, it delivers the OG essence upfront, then reveals subtle hints of sweet vanilla. The tight, dense nuggets are camo green and rich in resin, sparkling with ancient magic. The flavor profile is dominated by old school kush and funk, creating an enchanting smoke. Its creeping effect starts in the legs and gradually envelops the entire body. Expect a euphoric, tranquil, and joyful high that melts away the ego and reconnects you with life's great mysteries. Prepare to hop on the CBX bus for a long, strange trip with Cereal Milk x White Walker OG Pheno #273.

I-71 Compliant

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