How to Buy Weed in DC - Highest Quality Guide

Everyone and their cousin has learned how to buy weed in DC as of now, but how do you know you are getting the best when buying weed in DC? We're here to show you who gets the absolute best.

How to Buy Weed in DC - Highest Quality Guide

Everyone and their cousin has learned how to buy weed in DC as of now, but are you satisfied with the quality of nugs you’re getting?

Entering 2022, the DC dispensary market is pumping fire strains out  left and right from top marijuana growers all over the US. 

But how do you know you are getting the best when buying weed in DC?

Well, we’re here to resolve your query and show you who gets the absolute best weed DC has to offer, heck, even the best the world has to offer. 

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Gone are the days of trying out new DC dispensaries and coming home disappointed by the lack of aroma or crystals on your nugs.

Use this as your guide to learn how to buy weed in DC of the highest quality, pungently satisfying every single time. 

Understanding Differences of Dispensaries in Washington DC

In 2021, buying weed in DC has become pretty simple, but understanding there’s levels to the Washington DC dispensary game is key. 

Not all dispensaries in Washington DC will be created equal. 

The common mistake that most people make is assuming that medical dispensaries in DC are the top of the line for getting high quality weed. But oh, how wrong they are.

Due to the current political landscape of DC weed laws, DC medical dispensaries are somewhat limited in getting all the newest and best strains. 

The recreational scene operates without having to jump through the hoops of getting the buying and selling certifications that often are not approved for certain brands. 

But of course, not all recreational dispensaries in DC are trustworthy and dependable.

That being said, we’re going to point you in the right direction on how to buy weed in DC from the best dispensary. (out of all recreational and medical dispensaries DC has)

How to Get Weed in DC - Zero Disappointments

The last thing we want DC to be known for is having low-quality marijuana. That’s why we want to show residents and tourists alike how to get weed in DC with absolutely zero regrets or disappointments. 

We want to end the days of buying weed in DC, coming home, and popping open your bag or jar, only to be dismayed that your weed smells weak and looks dry. 

Well how do you buy weed in DC that never disappoints?

The first step is gaining confidence in yourself to know what the best dispensary in DC is going to look like and how the best operates. We’re going to give that to you. 

Continue reading to learn about our DC dispensary, and what it sets it apart from the rest. 

Choosing the Best DC Dispensary - Dreams Wellness

Let’s cut to the chase, the best dispensary in DC, recreational or not, is Dreams Wellness. 

But what makes Dreams Wellness so much better than the other dispensaries in DC?

dispensaries in washington dc

Here at Dreams Wellness, we take pride in our sourcing of DC cannabis first and foremost. 

Our experienced cannabis connoisseurs scour the entire US to find the number one strains of any given day. So you will know when you step into our DC weed dispensary, you are looking at the best strains on the market.

Next, an insanely witty deviation from the regular weed in DC that you find, we store our buds in Nitrogen sealed cannabis jars. 

Have you heard about these Nitrogen weed jars? They are game changing.  

Nitrogen has been used for years in preservation of other perishables, but only recently have DC dispensaries picked up on the valuable idea. 

Sealing up our DC weed containers with Nitrogen gas reduces oxidation in our buds and helps preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes.

For us, it’s a no-brainer that storing our cannabis in these jars will provide our customers with the freshest and most desirable nug quality that you can find on Earth, let alone in the DC weed community. 

Can you Buy Weed in DC without a Medical Card?

Absolutely! You can buy weed in DC without a medical card, even if you aren’t a resident!

Buying weed in DC for recreational use is now legal through the gifting system of Initiative 71

Just bring any form of ID, follow our guidelines for how to buy weed in DC using the correct verbiage, and you will have no trouble at all. 

Learn How to Buy Marijuana in DC Correctly

Alright! Now you know which DC dispensary you should be going to, so let’s tell you the things you’ll want to know once you get there:

  • Remember, in DC, you are not buying weed technically. You are participating in the “Gifting Program.”  
  • If you’re new to the DC recreational weed market, we recommend you take a look at the DC marijuana rules and laws to completely understand.
  • At Dreams Wellness, you are purchasing a work of art, and in return, we will gift you a free 1/8th of weed. We wanted to really bring our customers value by not only providing top strains of marijuana in DC, but also world-class street art. 
  • Next, is to know what to look for. If you are new to smoking weed, our staff will gladly get to know your needs and make some fine recommendations. 
  • Finally, you will need to pay with cash to buy from recreational DC dispensaries. 

Other than that, you are free to shop in peace and look around at our award-winning strains. 

Let’s take a look at the DC weed options you might find. 

Discover the Varieties of Washington DC Weed

Okay, you’re in! You have your mind ready and set on heading out into the world of Washington DC weed. 

These are examples of what you will find when looking for the tastiest strains of Marijuana DC has to offer: 

Punch Breath - Pungent DC Marijuana

Looking for a pungent DC marijuana strain that’ll impress weed connoisseurs from any state? Thanks to Dreams Wellness, the DC weed market now has it.

Our Punch Breath is an Indica-dominant Hybrid with a whopping 26.5% of THC. You won’t always find this quality in this strain from other DC marijuana dispensaries

The Punch Breath strain gets its name for the way in which the high hits you like a punch!

Pop open the Nitrogen weed canister and you will immediately want to flash a picture of those crystally trichomes and red pistils generously covering the compact nugs. 

Gelato Ice - DC Weed Favorite

We have come to know many names for this classic DC weed favorite, but you already know that we have found the Gelato of the absolute best quality. 

Dreams Wellness's Gelato Ice is easily taking over the throne of all Gelato’s in the DC marijuana game.

Gelato Ice is another Indica-dominant Hybrid DC cannabis strain. Our version of this strain will consistently hold a 24.5% level of THC. 

Gelato Ice is a sweet, creamy aroma and, of course, our storage of weed ensures that none of those wonderful terpenes get destroyed. 

Black Truffle - Top Shelf Weed DC

Black Truffle is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid, with an amazing citrusy, pine aroma.

At 30.1% of THC, (consistently) The Black Truffle that Dreams Wellness is introducing to the weed market boasts higher levels of THC than any other strain with a similar name of the weed DC has to offer.

Get yourself an 1/8th of this top shelf DC weed strain with a purchase of one of our Art Prints for $70. 

Knowing the Laws of Buying Weed in DC

The key of knowing how to buy marijuana in DC correctly is to use the correct verbiage. That’s it!

Just let our skilled and friendly staff walk you through the buying process. They will remind you that you are buying something else, and receiving a “gift” of your choice of weed when you leave. It really is that simple. 

Tips for Weed Delivery DC

Dreams Wellness is not running a DC weed delivery service just yet. For now, we hope you can make it to visit in-person at our DC dispensary location.

If you do need a weed delivery service DC, we suggest ordering as far as you can in advance to account for the service times. It can often take several hours for a DC weed delivery service to reach you. 

With weed delivery DC has to offer, you may just have to use old tactics of trial and error. The quality of weed may not be up to par. 

If you are able to find a DC weed delivery service that does come through and satisfy you consistently, make sure to tip the driver well!

Keep in mind, the gifting rules of DC still apply when ordering Washington DC weed delivery. 

How to Get Weed in Washington DC - Bottom Line

Learning how to get weed in Washington DC is becoming easier and easier. 

But with so many DC weed dispensaries popping up, the options for the absolute highest quality weed become a little vague.

How do I know how to get weed in DC of the best quality possible? 

Well, ask yourself, what is your dispensary doing to set itself apart as the best DC dispensary?

With Dreams Wellness, the answer is simple: First, we take time to scour the nation for the top providers of weed. Then we ensure our buds are optimally stored and transferred to our customers. 

We make sure that our marijuana nugs retain the maximum amount of terpenes and cannabinoids possible. 

On top of the high weed quality, we provide top-tier customer service with your satisfaction at the forefront of our minds. 

Come check out our DC weed dispensary, Dreams Wellness. You won’t be disappointed.

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