How To Buy Recreational Weed Virginia

If you’re in the beautiful state of Virginia and are curious about how to buy recreational weed, we’ve got just the guide for you! We’ll walk you through the steps to purchase weed, the gifting process, and tips on choosing the best dispensary.

Let’s dive in!

Guide To Buying Recreational Weed 

Virginia’s new law that legalized cannabis on July 1, 2021, lets adults aged 21 and older possess up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use or cultivate up to four cannabis plants per household. Additionally, the law introduced an intriguing concept known as adult cannabis sharing or gifting.

The Gifting Process enables cannabis enthusiasts to acquire recreational cannabis legally. Here’s how you can join in on the recreational use:

  1. Identify a Trusted Dispensary: Research reputable and verified dispensaries or smoke shops. While no recreational dispensaries exist in Virginia, you can explore options in nearby areas like Washington, DC, and Maryland. Establishments like Dreams Wellness offer merchandise such as art online, with complimentary cannabis gifts available for pickup.
  2. Check Out the Menu: After finding a suitable dispensary, browse its online gifting Menu. To complement your free cannabis gifts, select accompanying products, such as t-shirts or stickers.
  3. Place Your Order: After finalizing your selections, proceed to checkout. At Dreams Wellness, you can conveniently place your order online, over the phone, or in person.
  4. Pick Up Your Goods: With your order confirmed, head to the store for pickup. Remember to bring a valid ID for age verification (you must be 21 or older).
  5. Enjoy Your Purchase: Now, the enjoyable part is indulging in your cannabis gifts! If you plan to transport the marijuana back to Virginia, ensure you abide by federal laws, keeping your possession within the legal limit of one ounce.

Keep in mind that, technically, you’re purchasing a non-marijuana product and receiving the cannabis as a gift. It’s a fascinating approach that uniquely fits the purchasing process.

Gifting Process

Marijuana gifting, also known as adult sharing, offers a unique and legal way to enjoy recreational cannabis in Virginia. Under the law, adults aged 21 and over can share up to an ounce of marijuana with each other without any exchange of payment. However, these exchanges must occur privately, as public exchanges are prohibited.

Since dispensaries cannot directly sell recreational weed due to current laws, they utilize the gifting process. When you purchase a non-marijuana product, such as art prints, from dispensaries like Dreams Wellness, they “gift” you cannabis along with your item.

The process is straightforward: browse the dispensary’s gift menu, select your desired merchandise, and complete your purchase. As a gesture of appreciation, the dispensary includes a free cannabis gift with your order. This approach allows you to enjoy recreational marijuana within the legal framework established by Virginia’s marijuana gifting laws. It’s a fun and creative workaround that adds extra excitement to the purchasing experience.

Trusted Weed Shops 

trusted weed shops

When purchasing recreational weed in Virginia, it’s essential to choose a trusted dispensary. Since legalization, many sellers have flooded the market, some with untested or counterfeit products. Trusted dispensaries like Dreams Wellness offer a wide range of high-quality THC and CBD products that undergo third-party testing for safety and potency. Before choosing a dispensary, check out customer reviews to ensure its credibility.

At Dreams Wellness, we pride ourselves on offering lab-tested products free of chemicals and fillers. Our extensive collection includes cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, and vapes. Our knowledgeable budtenders are ready to assist you, making your visit informative and enjoyable.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Virginia

recreational marijuana laws in virginia

As an enthusiast, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the current recreational marijuana laws in Virginia.

Here’s a breakdown of the Virginia Laws:

What is Legal:

  • Adults 21 and older can possess up to one ounce of marijuana for adult use.
  • Cultivating up to four plants per household is allowed, with restrictions to keep marijuana plants out of public view and away from those under 21.
  • Sharing or gifting up to one ounce of marijuana between adults over 21 is legal, provided there’s no exchange of money or goods. No Cannabis Sales Allowed.
  • For those with a medical card, purchasing up to 4 ounces of medical cannabis every 30 days from licensed dispensaries is permitted. The Virginia Cannabis Control Authority oversees these sales, ensuring safety, public health, and compliance.

What is Illegal:

  • Selling your home-grown cannabis or turning your living room into a pop-up dispensary is a Big no-no.
  • Public puffing or sharing is not allowed, so keep it private.
  • Possession of anything more than an ounce is illegal and could lead to possible jail time. It’s considered a misdemeanor, and you must pay the fines.
  • Driving under while using cannabis, as a passenger, or with an open container is a road trip straight to legal trouble.
  • Purchasing, consuming, and possession of marijuana is illegal for anyone under the age of 21.

Are Recreational Dispensaries Legal in Virginia?

Recreational dispensaries and retail sales aren’t legal in the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, there’s hope on the horizon!

Richmond democrats and Lawmakers from the House of Delegates and Senate recently agreed to allow recreational marijuana sales starting in July 2024, pending approval from Gov. Glenn Youngkin. Existing medical marijuana dispensaries may expand into recreational sales.

While Virginia awaits these changes, you can still enjoy recreational weed and cannabis products through gift shops like Dreams Wellness. Although the doors to Virginia’s recreational dispensaries aren’t open yet, the evolving landscape offers promise for the future. In the meantime, let’s embrace the gifting culture and continue to explore with Dreams Wellness.

Dreams Wellness Weed Dispensary

dreams wellness weed dispensary

At Dreams Wellness, we’re conveniently located at 1829 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036, just minutes from Virginia. Plus, we offer parking across the street, so you can skip the hassle of circling the block.

Our product selection is sure to impress. From Premium Cannabis Flower to DC’s Finest Edibles and Potent Pre-rolls, we have something for everyone. Rest assured, all our products undergo third-party testing to ensure they’re free from chemicals and fillers.

Menu Highlights:

  • Flower: Choose from Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid varieties, all stored in nitrogen-sealed cannabis jars to maintain freshness.
  • Pre-rolls & Vapes: Convenient options for those on the go.
  • Shrooms & Weed Edibles: Whetheryou’re seeking a trip or a sweet treat, we’ve got you covered.
  • Concentrates & DMT: Explore profound journeys for the experienced adventurer.
  • Accessories: Enhance your smoking experience with rolling trays and grinders.

Our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders are here to assist you, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned enthusiast. Enjoy perks like a 10% discount for first-time customers, 5% off for leaving feedback, and regular promotions and sales.

Store Hours: We’re open Sunday through Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm and extended hours until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday. No medical marijuana card is required—bring a valid ID, license, or passport, and you’re good to go.

At Dreams Wellness, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch products and exceptional service to enhance your cannabis experience. Visit Dreams Wellness today and discover a world of cannabis possibilities!


If you’re new to the world of recreational weed, you probably have a ton of questions. Here are some of the most common ones we get asked:

  • Is marijuana legal in Virginia?

Yes, as of July 1, 2021, marijuana use is legal in Virginia for adults 21 and older.

  • Where can I legally purchase recreational marijuana in Virginia?

Virginia doesn’t allow recreational marijuana sales yet. However, you can legally receive it as a gift when you purchase non-marijuana goods, such as art prints from a dispensary that offers a gifting menu like Dreams Wellness.

  • What are the current regulations for recreational weed in Virginia?

Virginians 21 and older can possess up to one ounce of marijuana (28 grams). You can also cultivate up to four plants per household for adult use. Public consumption, buying/selling weed on the illicit market, and transporting it across state lines remain illegal.

  • Is weed being legalized in Virginia?

Yes, marijuana has been legalized in Virginia since July 1, 2021.

  • Is weed a felony in Virginia?

No, weed is not a felony as long as you stay within the legal bounds. Adults (21+) can legally possess up to an ounce, grow four plants per household, and even share some with friends of legal age. Possession of more than one pound of marijuana or with intent to sell is considered a felony in Virginia.

  • What happens if you grow more than 4 plants in Virginia?

Growing more than four marijuana plants is against Virginia laws and could lead to penalties, including fines and jail time.

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