Zkittlez | West Coast Cure Pen | 1G | Indica

By West Coast Cure


Strain & Effects


West Coast Cure's Premium THC Oil 1 gram Vape Cartridge in Zkittlez—an indulgent voyage into the world of soothing indica delights. Delicately crafted, this premium cartridge captures the essence of the famed Zkittlez strain. Immerse yourself in the sweet, fruity aroma reminiscent of a rainbow of flavors, characteristic of Zkittlez, with every inhale. Embrace the tranquilizing effects, as this indica-dominant strain offers a deeply relaxing experience. Experience the velvety smoothness of West Coast Cure's signature THC oil, expertly blended to ensure a potent and flavorful vaping journey. Elevate your relaxation with the essence of Zkittlez, encapsulated within this 1 gram vape cartridge—an ode to West Coast Cure's dedication to excellence in every calming puff.

I-71 Compliant

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