Tribute | Sherbinskis

By Sherbinskis


Strain & Effects


Experience the potency of Tribute by Sherbinskis with an impressive THC content of 27%. This remarkable strain is a fruity hybrid, meticulously crafted through the crossing of Gelato 41 and Apples & Bananas. Originally developed as a homage to the late Memphis rapper Young Dolph, it now stands as a tribute to his legacy. Prepare to be enchanted by Tribute's distinct bubblegum aroma, accompanied by delightful notes of sweetness and fruitiness, with subtle tropical undertones. Its flavor profile is a true delight for the senses. Tribute offers a well-rounded experience, blending the uplifting and creative effects of Gelato 41 with the relaxing and euphoric sensations bestowed by Apples & Bananas. This harmonious combination provides a balanced high, making it an excellent choice for any time of the day. As you indulge in Tribute, immerse yourself in the vibes of Young Dolph's music, allowing the essence of his artistry to resonate with your spirit. This Summer, let the strains of Young Dolph be the soundtrack to your adventures. R.I.P. Young Dolph, may your spirit forever be celebrated through the tribute of this extraordinary strain.

I-71 Compliant

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