Supreme Cream | CBX | Hybrid

By Cannabiotix


Strain & Effects


Introducing Supreme Cream, a luxurious hybrid strain meticulously crafted to indulge the senses and elevate your cannabis experience. Born from a blend of potent Indica and invigorating Sativa genetics, Supreme Cream offers a balanced THC potency ranging from 20% to a satisfying 24%, ensuring a blissful and versatile high. Prepare to be enchanted by the creamy sweetness of Supreme Cream, as it delights your palate with its rich and decadent flavor profile. Enhanced with dominant terpenes such as Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Linalool, this strain offers a tantalizing aroma reminiscent of freshly baked desserts and fragrant spices. But Supreme Cream is more than just a treat for the taste buds—it delivers a harmonious blend of relaxation and euphoria that envelops the mind and body in bliss. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or seeking inspiration for creative endeavors, Supreme Cream provides the perfect balance of soothing calmness and uplifting energy, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. Indulge in the luxurious embrace of Supreme Cream and experience a taste of cannabis perfection. With its premium genetics and balanced effects, this strain promises an unforgettable cannabis experience for enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in indulgence and relaxation.

I-71 Compliant

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