Sacred Fruits | White Golden Teacher | 7g Capsules

By Sacred Fruit


Strain & Effects


Introducing Mystical Micros, 7g psilocybe cubensis capsules by Sacred Fruit. Instructions: Set your intentions, decide your dose, and trust your trajectory. Each container contains 25 capsules (280mg each). Sacred fruits grows artisanal small batch mushrooms and was recently featured in Leaf magazine’s Psychedelic Issue. They are one of the most famous psilocybin cultivators and even competed in the Psilocybin cup scoring among the best in the cup. Golden Teacher is of roughly average potency, as P. cubensis strains , and trips are often shorter than average, only two to four hours. An advantage for beginners who don’t know yet whether they’ll like the trip. Users report a very calm, relaxing experience with only mild visuals but a strong body component . This specific pheno type of Golden Teachers were bread to be slightly more potent then average making them idea for microdosing. The Golden Teacher strain of magic mushrooms is known for its unique and positive qualities when consumed. It's revered for its: 1. **Spiritual Insights:** Many users report profound spiritual experiences, including a sense of unity with the universe or a higher power. 2. **Mental Clarity:** Golden Teachers are often associated with increased mental clarity, creativity, and a sense of introspection. 3. **Positive Mood:** Users often describe a sense of euphoria, happiness, and emotional well-being while on this strain. 4. **Visual Distortions:** Like most magic mushrooms, Golden Teachers can induce visual distortions and hallucinations, often characterized by vibrant colors and patterns. 5. **Teaching and Learning:** Some users feel that this strain imparts wisdom and insights, hence the name "Golden Teacher." ** It's important to note that the effects of magic mushrooms can vary widely from person to person, and they should be used responsibly and in a safe, controlled environment. **

I-71 Compliant

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