Pop Rocks | Live Resin Disposable | Boutiq | Indica

By Boutiq


Strain & Effects


Introducing the Boutiq 1G Live Resin All-in-One Disposable Vape, showcasing the mesmerizing Pop Rocks strain, a luxurious indica blend curated for aficionados seeking ultimate relaxation. Crafted with simplicity and excellence in mind, this rechargeable USB-C charger ensures a seamless and eco-conscious vaping experience. Dive into the enchanting aroma of Pop Rocks, an indulgent indica strain that envelops the senses with its sweet and fruity fragrance reminiscent of childhood nostalgia. With each inhale, surrender to the soothing waves of euphoria and tranquility, as the rich flavors of ripe berries and subtle hints of candy-like sweetness dance across your palate. Let the stress melt away with every exhale, leaving you in a state of blissful contentment. Experience the unparalleled journey offered by this Boutiq vape, meticulously formulated to encapsulate the essence of Pop Rocks in every draw. Elevate your cannabis experience with this portable and effortless device, perfect for relaxation enthusiasts who value convenience without compromising on the premium quality and flavor of their vaping indulgence.

I-71 Compliant

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