Cherry Popperz Hybrid | Super Dope Experience

Cherry Popperz | Super Dope | (Hybrid)

By Hi-Tech x Fear of Boof x Super Dope


Strain & Effects


AROMA: Cherry Smelly Marker, Ethyl Acetate, Mint, Black Licorice, Hint of Cheesy Musk. COMPOSITION: Med-sized nugs. Frosty and fresh. A little dry on the cure my taste, but perfect for jays and vapes. PALATE: Smoke: Cream, Gas, Stone Fruit, Envelope Sealer, lingering Spicy Rubber. Vapor: Cherry-scented dryer sheet lemonade, lingering mentholated linen. EFFECT: Med/Heavy Strength – Instant euphoric head change, muscle relief from neck to lower back. Slightly energized and deadly focused.

I-71 Compliant

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