Animal Face | Fig Farms

By Fig Farms


Strain & Effects


Animal Face by Fig Farms—a captivating strain born from the legendary Face Off OG and Animal Mints, meticulously bred by Seed Junky. With its lineage boasting of esteemed genetics, Animal Face tantalizes the palate with a complex array of flavors including kiwi, black licorice, hints of paint thinner, and the nostalgic aroma of yellow fruit loops. Handpicked for its striking appearance, the Animal Face phenotype captivates with its neon green, kush-shaped flowers that transition to shades of pink and purple during the final weeks of growth. Rolling this flower is a delight, as its greasy texture leaves behind generous oil rings on joints, enhancing the smoking experience. Prepare for a potent journey as the effects of Animal Face hit swiftly, delivering an intense onset followed by a blissfully relaxed state. Each puff reveals a new layer of flavor, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience with every session. Celebrated for its excellence, Animal Face secured 1st place in the Indoor Flower category at the esteemed Emerald Cup 2022, followed by a remarkable 5th place win in 2023. Indulge in the unrivaled quality and complexity of Animal Face, and elevate your cannabis experience with Fig Farms' exceptional creation.

I-71 Compliant

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