2 Gram Live Resin Disposable Vape | Peach Ramune | Sativa | Omakase

By Omakase


Strain & Effects


Introducing the Peach Ramune 2g Rechargeable Disposable Live Resin Vape, an exquisite fusion of sophistication and fruity delight designed for discerning vaping enthusiasts. Crafted with precision by Omakase, this vape encapsulates the essence of the Peach Ramune strain in a sleek and convenient design. This rechargeable vape device boasts a generous 2 grams of premium live resin, ensuring sustained enjoyment and convenience for aficionados valuing both style and functionality. Embark on a tantalizing journey with the Peach Ramune strain, expertly captured within this premium vape. This exceptional hybrid strain mirrors the luscious sweetness of ripe peaches blended with the effervescent allure of Ramune soda, offering a delightful and refreshing vaping experience. With each draw, immerse yourself in a symphony where the juicy sweetness of peaches intertwines harmoniously with the bubbly, fruity essence of Ramune, leaving behind a captivating and flavorful taste profile. The Peach Ramune 2g Rechargeable Disposable Live Resin Vape by Omakase promises an elevated vaping encounter, tailored for enthusiasts seeking a larger capacity and an exquisite flavor fusion. Indulge in this exceptional vape adventure where sophistication meets a delightful fruity sensation, delivering an unmatched vaping experience that celebrates the unique essence of Peach Ramune with every inhale.

I-71 Compliant

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