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Indulge in the extraordinary flavors of Y2K, a remarkable strain crafted by AlienLabs. Known for their exceptional quality, AlienLabs has created a masterpiece with Y2K, boasting an absolutely incredible taste and aroma that will leave you craving for more. Y2K features a biscotti-style flavor profile that delights the senses. It offers a perfect blend of sweet and savory notes, with a pound of sweetness that will tantalize your taste buds. While many lemon strains tend to have a heavy lemon terp, Y2K is refreshingly mild on the lemon, resulting in a flavor that is truly unique and distinctive. Beyond its exquisite taste, Y2K delivers an exceptional experience. This strain is classified as a sativa dominant hybrid, offering a balanced and invigorating effect. It combines the uplifting and energizing properties of a sativa with the relaxing and calming effects of an indica. The result is a harmonious high that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Don't miss out on the opportunity to try Y2K, the extraordinary strain by AlienLabs. Order now and savor the unforgettable flavors and effects of this one-of-a-kind sativa dominant hybrid. Key Features: Absolutely incredible taste and smell Biscotti-style flavor profile with a pound of sweetness Mild touch of lemon for a unique experience Sativa dominant hybrid with a balanced and invigorating effect Specifications: Strain: Y2K Genetics: Sativa dominant hybrid Flavor: Biscotti with a hint of lemon Effects: Uplifting, energizing, and relaxing THC Content: Varies (please refer to product labeling for specific information) Order your Y2K strain by AlienLabs today and elevate your cannabis experience to new heights!

I-71 Compliant

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