Bubble Gum



Strain & Effects

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Bubble Gum is a well-balanced Sativa dominant hybrid strain consisting of 60% Sativa genetics and 40% Indica genetics. The strain offers flowers high in THC with medium amounts of CBD. The strain is well decorated and has been victorious in numerous cannabis competitions. Revive your weed: With a single MuhaMed Drop, your flower never knew it could be so powerful. For an extra punch of taste and potency add a drop of oil to a bowl or joint to deliver a mind-blowing heightened smoking experience. Dab It: The MuhaMed Drop is designed to have an easy functionality making it an ideal candidate for precise, easy dabbing. With a potency of over 80% THC and 10% terpene, more flavorful and potent dabs will be hard to find. Eat It: Adding the MuhaMed Drop has never been this easy to apply to your favorite dinner, smoothie or edible. Simply drop or infuse food for instant effects – no additional baking, cooking or heating is required. MuhaMeds products do not contain any additives, PG, VG or vitamin E.

I-71 Compliant

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